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Vadilal - Hangout Reviews and Ratings - , Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Pooran Singh Yadav

A small shop serving ice cream and desserts. Just at the darpan roundabout. It is a place to have a break if in one is in the vicinity. Outdoor as well as indoor sitting available.


Rated 5.0 by Mukesh Rupani

Quality ice cream .... Varieties are several.. Rates are affordable..staff behavior obedient.... And Fab place to hangout ...Superb ambience very Crowded parlour


Rated 5.0 by Abbasali Zaghrala

Vadilal hangout anywhere is fun to be there. Especially I like this place because its on tapovan circle, s.p. ring road. Usually what happens we friends meet in city. But sometimes we get bored of it, so think to go somewhere else like out of the city, suburbs of city and gandhinagar too. Now this shop is in outskirts as well as it comes on the way going to gandhinagar. So we stops here for some relax and chillex. Sometimes we make this shop as everybodys gathering and meeting point before going to gandhinagar. Vadilal hangout keeps all sort of vadilal icecreams, colddrinks and snackes packet too. So usually we gather here and get some snacks, colddrinks. Do lots of fun, masti and chill out fully. The staff over here is nice. They let us do all these things just with a condition of not harassing others. I see many couples feeling comfortable here chitchatting with each other with some snacks. They have kept many chairs for customers. Its really a hangout place for tourists going with families on highway. They stop here and get refreshed. Its really nice place for hangout

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by A.M.Jani

After amul vadilal icecream is also verygood in taste. I love icecream with diffrent flavour and Diffrent taste. I don't want to waste high money. so I used to go those shop for speclly to make my dream to eating more icecream. this is why I love vadilal icecream. they are in budget everyone can buy one and eat. I used to buy 1l brick of vadilal or any icecream cause it make sense when I eating a lot of icecream. my favoute flavour is belgiyum chocltae and vanila. I hate stowbarry its my own problem. you can eat verity.


Rated 5.0 by MD P

Nice ice cream flavour available.. good quality and reasonable price.. worth to buy family pack Been here for sundae ice cream....good quality and refreshing place...