Turban Tadkaa

SG Highway, Satellite

Phone no. - +91 9104008855, +91 9824061537


Cost for two - 400


North Indian

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Turban Tadkaa Reviews and Ratings - Satellite, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Devarshee

Received the food after one and a half hour and that too items different than what was ordered were delivered. Quality wasn't great. Very disappointed

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Vishal Rajvanshi

Chiken Biryani was tasty & could be rated above average. Papad was burnt on towards the edges & undercooked in the middle. The reason to rate this restuarant 1.5 is I ordered full Tandoori Chicken, which means I need to have full chicken starting from neck to leg, i.e 2 breast with chiken wings & 2 leg peice with a neck but what I recieved was small pieces in to silver foil containers, where I didn't find 2nd wing, 2nd leg & no neck. I suppose this was cheating the a customer, who was expecting a full tandoori Chicken. I had my food & was trying to reach Zomato for the complaint, as I had to eat cold food many a times while I complain to Zomato, but by the time I finished my food, Zomato Support went offline. I am very much frustrated with this.


Rated 1.0 by Dhaval Fofandi

I ordered online from this Restaurant, and the quality of food was really poor ! I ordered Paneer Toofani and i got a half cooked tomato curry with paneer. 😑 Never ever order food from Turban Tadka !!!!!!!!


Rated 1.0 by Prakash Parikh

I ordered paneer Biryani.. it was the most pathetic food i ever had. Please dont order from this place. It had no taste.. no quality.. and price is 130 rs .. no value for money.. it was not even 20 rs worth..


Rated 2.0 by Suchit Pandya

Now, before I write anything, let me stress on the fact that the food we ordered was online & pre paid, for 2. It was post noon meal and due to wedding season we didn't want to cook at home, ended up ordering here. To start with, the meal ordered was a roti sabji combo and veg pulav. I never thought saying this, but the food's quality didn't meet the expectations set with your meal, which should be general. The paneer sabji was, I don't know, cooked only in tomato puree. It was sweet and sour with just one flavour being recognized and that was of tomatoes. Although it was cooked properly, the taste was bad and I didn't feel like I was having a paneer ki sabji. This was the first disappointment. Moving on to rotis, the count was 4, however, not even a single one then was baked enough to be eaten. Can't imagine the pain trying to find out the cooked regions of a roti to be eaten while almost 60% of each roti was inedible. With a limited knowledge of cooking I have, I can still say the rotis where the least thing I expected to be disappointed about, but it indeed did disappoint, sadly Now, for the last part, veg pulav. Now I don't deny eating healthy, but when you're trying to eat just boiled veggies and rice, I wouldn't call it a pulav but just give it a fancy name. The rice & veggies were boiled properly, however, there was no taste at all. Heck even salt was missing. We had to cook the pulav again just for it to be something we could eat. Sharing the views on the quality of food, I would sincerely say that the quality and taste is what people expect to be, not perfect, but atleast somewhat we see in general, the online order for me was disastrous and couldn't think of the reasons why it helps ordering online when the meal you get isn't edible enough. The ratings I give below are out of 10: Paneer sabji: 3.5 (not to mention the only taste of tomato) Rotis: 2.0 Rice: 2.3 I so wish I could be less straight forward with this, but to my dissatisfaction, unhappy with the meal received!!

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