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Tiffinity Reviews and Ratings - Satellite, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Manish Joshi

Superb food ... Great taste..... FAST DELIVERY. ... ENJOYED our home made ...PIZZA, MC & CHEESE but icing on the cake was... SUPERB RASMALAI THANKS YOU.... MAKER"S DELIGHT MANISH JOSHI


Rated 5.0 by Dharav Mehta

If you want to have an experience of eating home food while staying away from home, this is your place! Specially the Veg. Thalli @Nipa_cuisine is just a perfect meal. Had an amazing experience. 😁


Rated 5.0 by Siddharth Malik

I wanted to take time in writing this review because I wanted it to be thorough, so 2 weeks and some 10+ orders later, here's the verdict about #Tiffinity and it's wonderful team of rock star Chefs I am not new to food delivery services. In Mumbai, I have relied on Hola Chef for a long time for almost-home-made food, so when I ordered the food from Tiffinity, I had some what similar expectations but the overall experience turned out to be way more amazing than I had expected. I've predominantly ordered my food from Ms. Neepa Nanavati and Ms. Ritu Bansal. Food Ordering Experience : Except for the little confusion over payment methods, ordering food from via their app or website is quite straight forward. You Select the food, choose the address and time-slot for delivery and finalize the order by choosing COD or Paytm (You gotta pay to Chef's number instead of the number mentioned on site). The Chef: I was pleasantly surprised when Ms. Neepa first called me to confirm my order and asked my food preferences. She asked me whether I like Punjabi daal or Gujarati, the vegetables I prefer amongst other things and diligently followed up to see if I liked the food or not. For me, this was a deciding factor because, in that moment, it made me feel as if I am getting my food from a family member and not some random business.  She is so thoughtful that she changed plain rice to Pulav and subzi to Bhaji from time to time just to make sure that I have a variety in what I eat and I don't get bored with the food. The Food & Packaging: The food was very well-packed and warm when it arrived. One of the best parts about Ms. Neepa's food is that there is always a surprising and healthy twist to your usual Subzis. Although very soulful and wholesome, it still manages to be exciting and delicious. I love it when a hint of mint comes in your daal when you are least expecting it or when the salad is not the usual coarsely chopped onions but instead vibrant looking and bursting with colors. Her food is a testament to the fact that she has a true passion for cooking and I consider myself fortunate for having come across her food. :) Finally, a big fat thank you to all my beloved Foodoholics for recommending this! :) P.S. Apologies for the bad photo quality.


Rated 5.0 by Suchi Kulshreshtha

Excellent food. Already tried dishes from swad da punjab and makers delights. High quality food. I specially liked aloo paratha, paneer veg frankie, kheer poori bhaji, pizza, etc. Home made feel for the dishes.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Aatish Bhachech

Had ordered bengal chicken curry with rice from here. The food tasted amazing. The food had homely taste and thats what i loved about it. Quantity was pretty okayish. The only suggestion i have is on your website part, you can only order one product at once. Maybe you could add a food cart. Overall amazing food and will definitely try again.