The Kettlery

Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev

Phone no. - +91 79 40057157, +91 79 29096080


079 39593310

079 30256852


Cost for two - 1,350



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The Kettlery Reviews and Ratings - Bodakdev, Ahmedabad


Rated 3.0 by Ronak Koya

Ordered: chocolate walnut brownie Good thing: fresh walnut Bad thing: brownie was way too dense


Rated 4.0 by Tvara Mehta

Love this place for the varieties of teas. Recently tried the London Fog latte tea and one of their specialities of teacakes - German apple. They have many different teas and several snacking options too.


Rated 5.0 by Minal Joshi

So I take this tradition of having dessert after meals way too seriously and end up trying varied dessert places on and off. This time, my cravings took me to The Kettlery for their famous Paan Cheesecake. So, the combination of Paan and cheesecake never fit right in my mind whenever any of my friends praised it. Plain, Blueberry, strawberry, and even caramel cheesecakes are already off of my ‘try it’ list, but Paan Cheesecake? The scepticism was natural, because it is unusual, isn’t it? I was there just for this cheesecake and asked beforehand if it’s available or not. I am so glad to put my double thoughts aside and just go for this one! It is an amazingly unusual yet tasty combination that they serve. The prominent availability of Paan didn’t ruin the cheese cream flavour but added up to its taste instead. It was a huge slice of cake that I had (almost double than what I had at any other outlets that serve cheesecakes). It was perfect amount of creamy, sweet and crunchy (the base). I would not forget to mention about the base crust, because it was that good, Hi and crunchy. The Paan cheesecake was fresh and fabulous. I haven’t tried any other varieties of them but would sure do real soon. P.s - we also tried their Gul Kheer and it was super amazing as well. The perfect amount of sweetness and thickness. But well, this review was for just the Paan Cheesecake. #cheesecake #MinnieFoodie #musttry


Rated 3.0 by Yashi Garg

Visited the place long time back with a group of friends. We were quite in search of good tea and hence dropped into this place. Their menu is very elaborate and one can't decide a perfect tea by just reviewing the menu. Expert comments are much required for a layman. To avoid any risk I ordered a darjeeling hot tea with milk. Some of the friends ordered drinks with fancy name and regretted a lot. Talking about ambience, we visited at sunset time. There was very dim lighting and mosquitos all over the place. Service was also not good. It's just a place to visit in daytime and specially designed for love birds who need some isloated space for dating. Also, one needs to have some knowledge about teas to relish what they are serving.


Rated 4.0 by Taslim Memon

An amazing place for teas, be that your breakfast time or you want to spend a blissful evening having tea with your loved ones. They have got so many varieties and along with that, they serve super amazing food. Most favorites of mine are the Neapolitan Pizzas they launched a year back. The full review about amazing they are can be read on my blog. Taste:- 3.5/5 Service:- 4/5

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