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Tawa Ice Cream Reviews and Ratings - Mani Nagar, Ahmedabad


Rated 2.0 by Onlyfoodok

Here you cannot find good tawa ice cream and even they charge too high for one plate. The ambiance is quite nice but food is not good then other things does not matter, you should twice think before going this place. Hope they will do improvement in future


Rated 4.0 by Manan Shah

I tried it long time ago but simply loved the what they made and how they made it. You can see live how they make the ice cream I tried Oreo flavor and something type rose flavor.both are amazing you must visit the place after dinner ❤️❤️.


Rated 3.0 by Upanshu

Quality 4 Taste 4 Ambience 1.5 Overall 3 Goo to try something different, however they highly need to maintain basic hygiene levels. Can be visited once in a while.


Rated 3.0 by Pratik Mehta

Quality - 4/5, Taste - 4/5, ambience- 2/5, value for money - 3.5/5, overall - 3/5 Tawa ice cream... Though it was my 1st experience of this ice cream in the name of TAWA ICE CREAM...But I have been to many places for having ice cream prepared on frozen stone and I knew the concept of tawa ice cream is the same concept with flourished name... This outlet of tawa ice cream is near lijjat khaman house. Exactly at the corner before kankariya gate. However, as its in base floor, its not that easy to locate it at 1st visit. I went here with my friend Rushi Upadhyay to celebrate the happiness of recent events. We ordered kitkat ice cream and here is my review for place and ice cream... Order: Kitkat ice cream was ordered by us. And it was really good. I liked the crispy kitkat topping gardened over the ice cream rolls. It would have been much more better had they added some more chocolate sauce and would have kept it more creamy than crispy... But I enjoyed the ice cream till the depth of my throat... It was good experience with 1st tawa ice cream. Quality and taste, both deserves upvote for this... Ambience: Very poor ambience. Specifically the seating arrangement. I understand there problem of having insufficient place, but in that it has been a messy arrangement of cubical stool type seating chairs. The way they have been arranged in small place, it happens that your back will come in contact with person sitting behind u. This becomes an issue specifically in case of a girl and in some specific kind of people. Service: I dont know weather person who took order was owner or manager, but it was very disappointing when someone after us came and ordered Kitkat ice cream, person on counter said that 'kitkat is not that good, try some other ice cream'. This happened when we were sitting exactly 1 step away from him and when he knew that we are just beside him. This happened when we were about to start our ice cream. Though we liked ice cream to our tongue's taste, but it was not a welcomed move from there side. Overall: It was a good experience. I would recommend to go here with friends and if you go with family its good but do not select to sit inside. Better have your ice cream outside on footpath adjacent to this building. Hey Harshil Mehta check this out with vivek. Thanks tawa ice cream, kankariya. P's