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Sukhadia Jamnadas Maganlal Reviews and Ratings - Vastrapur, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Rushabh Doshi

Be careful before you buy from this shop.small parts rocks are found in GHARI.when approach the shop owner regarding they flat out refuse to accept the problem.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by CHIRAG SONI

The outlet is a branch of very famous and old firm ( more than 125 yrs) based at Khambhat having speciality in 2 traditional sweets - Sutarfeni and Halwasan . Both are having fabulous taste ,halwasan being bit sticky in texture everybody may not prefer , but sutarfeni is recommended for all. Apart from this 2 sweets they also offer other regular sweets , namkeens . Not much experience of sweets other than 2 specialised ones . Service has been satisfactory.


Rated 4.0 by Vijay Trivedi

On 17th October at around 5 Pm i had visited your shop and purchased the following items;1)Sutarpheni  4 Packets 2)Halwasan 1/2 Kg &3)Ghari 1/2 kg. You had informed that you have only 2 pcs of Ghari only,to make up 1/2 kg you had given me from your display counter  and informed me it is good.Trusting you i paid Rs 1117/-. Today when i opened the box of Ghari i found bed smell coming from it.Unfit for human consumtion.I am sending it back to you by courrier today so that you can see it yourself .I am sorry to say that i was totally disappointed  & never expected a reputed firm of your standing supplying stale item to your customer


Rated 1.0 by Bhavik Kothari

My father is an old customer and today - 10/10/2016 he ordered lilva ni kachori, which was served shallow fry even though it is their duty to fry properly. Secondly kachori had magatari Na biya (seed of some fruit) instead of Dry fruits. You can see into the pic too. Taste was pathetically sweet. The lady talked to my father very arrogantly - told my boss doesn't have time to talk with you (Seth ne time nathi). also told that if we forgot to fry then you fry it on your own. (Bhuli javai Tamari rite fry Kari levanu). We had all guests at our home for lunch and it was so bad impression created. Will never step back in a shop like this ever again who does not believe in quality and does not care for a customer.


Rated 5.0 by Darshan

Great for shrikhand & halwasan. Very authentic taste & quality ingredients. Surely a local gem that is hidden from public eye. They have great namkeens also.