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Southern India Reviews and Ratings - Thaltej, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Umang Oza

Truly authentic place for South Indian delicacies. One of the friend from South India was accompanying and he was very delighted to have authentic taste of South in Ahmedabad. Their South Indian Meal (we normally call it Thali) is one of the best South meals in town as made fresh after you order for the same. A must go place for great Southern Cuisine.


Rated 1.0 by Niharika Kapoor

This place was once upon a time named: Dakshinayan, & I had loved it then. I wanted to visit them again after the change of name. Finally, made it one weekend with my family, & ordered: masala dosai, mini masala idli, & rava kesari. The food was good, different than a lot of other places. However, the sambhar was pathetic & a bit sweet. What pissed me off the most during my visit to their restaurant was, we had ordered a plate of medu vada. All the while the manager kept saying we make it fresh is the reason it is taking long. But towards the end of the dinner, he said it could not be served! I mean if it could not be served, he should have said this way earlier, than around the completion of my dinner, because I had waited for it for a really long time, almost over 30 mins. It was the first thing I ordered, the rest of the food items got served, we ate them, & that's when the manager confirmed the cancellation of the medu vada. Zero points for service. I won't ever visit them again! (3 pics)


Rated 1.0 by Harshdeep Gujjar

The place is situated at quite a near distance from my residence and that's why i had visited them in the past a couple of times as the food quality was not that bad, but to run a successful restaurant it's just not the food quality that matters, you need to focus on ambience, cleanliness and other supporting factors too...Last time when I visited them month ago their ACs weren't working, i understand it's an electronic item which is prone to damage but they should have thought of some alternative knowing the how the temperature gets in the month of May..I visited again yesterday and most probably for the last time, the washroom stank badly, so bad that you couldn't stand there for more than a couple of minutes, moreover their staff stinks too, it's beyond intolerable when they come close to you to serve...Even the floor was littered and there were flies in the restaurant.. It's incidents like these which make us realise why chains like Sankalp are someone to look upto..


Rated 3.0 by Shvetal Bhasin

Ordered unlimited food for Rs. 200. Started with masala idli and some other starter. Followed by 4 different types of dosa. Nice idea to taste variety of South Indian food. You can re order the dosa you liked most. Taste 4/5 Ambience 3/5


Rated 3.0 by SimplyGourmand

Mom was craving for south indian food and this place was on our way while searching for some good food place ... one of my friend has already visited this place and was not happy and satisfied with their food but until and unless i don't try it, it's hard for me to thought to give it a try for dinner... Food- we ordered Garlic masala dosa - 2.5/5 Size of the dosa was good.. They have applied garlic paste on simple masala dosa but the taste of garlic was totally missing from their chutney... Sambhar and coconut peanut chutney were good in taste.. Ragi masala dosa- 3/5 Soft and little oily.. Size of dosa was big and I struggled to finish just half of it.. I love my dosas to be little crispier.. taste was again similar to masala dosa.. nothing else special They have 3 different Chutneys available on table and I just tried 2 of them.. one was garlic chutney , another was i think red chilli and both of them tasted good... Third chutney was hard to recognise as it was little watery and had til in it .. You get unlimited sambhar and coconut peanut chutney by your side.. Sweet lassi- 2/5 Being a huge fan of sweet lassi, it's hard for me to resist it.. Consistency was no doubt thicker but talking about taste, it was disappointing Rasam Chawal - 3.5/5 We packed rasam Chawal for dad and the package came with buttermilk with curry leaves tadka , appadam and pickle... The smell of rasam was divine so was it's taste.. it was satisfactory Service- 3/5 When we went there, there were few tables occupied and we got our seat and as soon as we sat, we got our menu card and we were done with our orders too.. service is fairly quick Ambiance- 1/5 They seriously need to work on their restaurant look.. they tried hard to give it south Indian look but failed... When u enter, u can c Ganesh idle decorated with flowers and lighted up but when u come forward, it's just the basic restaurant which tried hard to put as many tables as possible in a space.. it smells alot... washroom is horrible... They need to check on hygiene too.. They also give idli and dosa batter but Its on costlier side.. they charge 90rs/kg wherein u can get batters outside at just 40rs/kg so it's better to buy it from outside... Else this place can be given a try for food :)