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Shree Navrang

Ram Nagar
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Shree Navrang Reviews and Ratings - Ram Nagar, Ahmedabad


Rated 2.0 by Dishi & Pashmi

Best of this place is Chinese. But recently when I ordered Chinese it has a lot of garlic , which was not that good. Paneer chilli was not good at all.


Rated 1.0 by Akshay Lokhande

Read full before you visit. From last 18 year i was customer of this food shop. But yesterday i just ordered bhajipaav and it taste like stinky and weird smell. So i just politely asked owner to taste one spoon from that and then he refused to taste it and told me we don't eat jootha. Then again i asked them to change bhaaji because i knew the taste and though I'm there loyal customer since last 18 year they will replace my ordered stinky and weird smelly bhaaji but they acted like arrogantly and told me "agar itna kharab hain toh ek chammack khake pehle kyu nai bola? Tum teen(three) no ne kyu taste kiya?, ab hum jootha nai khayege aur kyu badal ke de!" I was stunned by their reply. I again told them to change my bhaaji they refused nd even not ready for half refund. Owners chamcha employee started looking like they gonna sue us and beat us. I told that owner on face I'll never come back to your shop again because of this attitude and neglected behavior towards your oldest customers. I don't have hate for them but this shops food quality gone worst from last four years and their employees behavior towards customer is worst from very beginning of opening this shop. Their dabeli Cart is still good in day time, i request you all of you don't ever go to this fastfood shop ever. Quality and hygiene is zero.


Rated 2.0 by Aagam Shah

It is not a place to sit down and eat it is a take away place!! Food quality is good !! Prices are a bit costy!! One time try!!! U will not regret if dont go also!!!


Rated 3.0 by Pratik Thaker

It is neither good nor bad it is one type of hangout for group of boys. I liked the Chinese food mainly dry Manchurian and noodles. The service is not too good .


Rated 3.0 by Mr.Chintan Shah

My childhood hangout place and till same taste but for takeaway, my all time favourite masala pav, vada pav and butter chutney slice with masala singh, everything available in Jain. Because they have 80% Jain customers. Not like to eat there because of dusty environment.