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Shiv Aangan Reviews and Ratings - Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Rupesh

Food is good. Service is ok. Taste is ok. Quantity is ok. Price is high. Overall if u r staying in hotel and not want to go out then prefer. Breakfast is also ok.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Canute Fernandes

This was my second experience dining here on Thursday !! I like the place !! The interior is nicely done, creates a good ambience with the use of the lights, the furniture and seating arrangements 4.0/5.0 !! Bout the food yesss thats a 3.9/5.0, the rating here doesn't have a 3.9 so yeaa I thought to mention it !! Tomato Soup, flavourful, well rounded, well seasoned !! Hara Bhara Kebabs were beautiful, done really really well, crunch on the outside, the fork will slice through it like a knife through butter, the kebabs were that moist, beautiful texture on the inside, and complimented with that mint chutney the flavours were all there !! Veg crispy, another well done dish, not the best in town, there is a scope for improvement there definitely is, but don't get me wrong, it had everything, spicey, crunchy, perfectly seasoned, you got the sweetness from the carmelized fried red onions in there too. The subji's were delicious, the Veg Rajwadi, creamy, the toasted cumin really coming through, well rounded flavours in one bite !! Also the Paneer Kolhapuri too is quite a bice dish to order !! I would definitely recommend this place if you want to go for a casual dinner and if you're looking for a decent Punjabi spread !!! Mind you it is not perfect, but it is worth a visit, this is purely the reason I write this review in the hope that a good place gets a little recognition it deserves !! The improvements will come in time !! Overall i'd give this place a 3.8/5.0 !!