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Satellite China Reviews and Ratings - Jodhpur Village, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Ronak Singh

Satellite China firstly a free advice please stop home delivery service if you can't fulfill it. First thing when I placed order it showed 60 mins which was hell lot of time still we adjusted and decided to wait but that was just a mere dream we were living in the food did not arrive even after 60 long mins. We had to endulge zomato support for this. Second as we opened the package the surprise was we had ordered a Punjabi lassi (40rs) and instead we get a masala chaas (20rs) so guys if you wanted 20rs extra you could have simply asked for it instead of this cheap trick. Third after ignoring this all we started to eat food and the first thing I was searching in my house was for an hammer so that I can break the rocks which were called parothas Satellite China. It was so hard to break it don't even think about chewing it. After all this I gathered some strength and tasted the "sweet" they offered gulab jamun and believe me I have never tasted such bad gulab jamuns in my life. Sadly I had to throw away all the food into the garbage feeling guilty enough to spend money on such worst restaurant. Overall Satellite China you are definitely out of my restaurants list and you will never be getting any orders from me or my group. Thanks for ruining the night for us. Tonight we sleep empty stomach because of you. -_-


Rated 1.0 by Shalini Bhandari

After a disappointing loss in #CT2017 final, thot of refreshing mood by pampering myself wid some tasty food .. Little did i know that the disappointment will continue :( My Order was : Happy Pizza Meal : 1/5 This combo consists of Soup+Pizza+Garlic Bread+Sweet. Tomato Soup was amazing, wid perfect flavours of Spices. Corn n Capsicum Pizza : i guess for sake of pizza, they have assembled all the ingredients. Corns were dried, capsicum was raw, and pizza crust was stale wid no taste at all. Garlic Bread : Wow, they haven't delivered garlic bread. I called up the owner immediately he said he will get back to me, however he didn't turned up! Disgusting treatment!! Sweets : Gulab Jamun i have selected, however they have given Vanilla scoop :D Punjabi Thali : 3/5 2 vegetables were good, along with marble size gulab jamun !! Rice needs some more cooking. Parathas were good but bit oily .. I would request owner to kindly be on your words!!


Rated 1.0 by Nikhil Thakur

Was tired working whole day and still had lot of pending work so decided to order online so that didn't had to go anywhere. We chose Satellite China for some Chinese food item. Things that were ordered, VEG SCHEZWAN FRIED RICE : It was actually half cooked. CREAMY DELIGHT PASTA : Either rest. didn't knew how pasta is cooked or cook was not in the mood. It had thick frozen layer of cheese and didn't carry taste of pasta at all CRISPY VEG : It was something that could have saved their order but it was salty enough to be consumed. And the worst part was, Delivery time that I received from Zomato was 1:15min but received my order 30min late. Regards, TheTUMMYReporter


Rated 1.0 by Isha Goyal

Worst food ever experince in my life . Delievery was soo late . Then also they were arguing. Guys never order pizza and pasta or anything else


Rated 5.0 by Ramesh Chudashama

Ordered Chinese, if u want to taste a real chinese then go for it with affordable price.... Delivered within 20 .minutes, go for it... 5*******