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Salim Bhai


Phone no. - +91 9427953649


Cost for two - 250


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Salim Bhai Reviews and Ratings - Navrangpura, Ahmedabad


Rated 4.0 by Chintan Thaker

I have tried samlim's burger for 1st time before 2 years... Its is different then ordinary burger and then itried all th items of salim all are tasty.



What a burger this guy serves!! Amazing... We loved the burgers made by salim bhai and this place is usually remains very crowded. People are crazy for his burgers and other varieties. Its bit difficult to reach to his place first time, but once u reach there, you will see lots of youngsters and collegians having his burgers.. Only thing i dislike, he use too much mustard sauce in his burgers. Rest all great. Use only quality products.. Like amul cheese, nutella choo spread and other items...


Rated 5.0 by Bhumika Goswami

Ah this burger is pure BLISS ... i have been going since last 5 years ...😘 ... salim bhai ka burger kuch alag hi jadu hai na MCdonalds na Burger King inke samne...!!


Rated 5.0 by Karan Shah

I have not found burger like this at any place in ahmedabad. Its awesome and tempting while you eat this burger. A must visit place in ahmedabad for burger lovers. Must try his cup cakes after eating burger...loving it...


Rated 5.0 by NomnomKolkata

It has been a year now, since one of us moved to Anand, Gujarat, and the very first thing that we got to know was the unavailability of Zomato in Anand. Disheartened, I had to look for places in Vadodara or Ahmedabad (nearby cities). Ahmedabad is huge and to find something special, one has to go through the Google Maps and routes carefully. Thankfully, I had to run some errands near Navrangpura, and Zomato's nearby location came to my aid. At first, I thought Salim Bhai is a kiosk or a typical canteen situated inside the premises of Gujarat University. I had to take 2 or 3 roundabouts, before entering the hostel area of Gujarat University, where I saw a herd of 20 odd people surrounding a tiny joint i.e. basically a Thela. Saw 3 men with blitzkrieg speed caressing buns and puffs with assortment of sauces. I had done my homework, but sadly the chicken patty was finished. I went for an egg burger, the closest I could get to chicken. Anda Burger: Now, the bun is dressed with butter, a layer of cheese, uniformly cut slices of tomato, onion, and cucumber. Next, a mayonnaise spread was accompanied with mustard (you can opt for Schezwan, if you want it spicy), and then comes the boiled egg sliced into uniform pieces. At 60, this may be the best Anda Burger I have had. Nutella Muffins: Now, the muffins are your typical bakery muffins, but Salim Bhai cuts them into halves, and then the scrumptious spread of Nutella is there to blow your mind away. For 120, this was the best meal since my move to Anand. For anyone residing near Ahmedabad and knows little about the city, do visit Salim Bhai to kick in your gastronomical adventures in Gujarat.

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