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Relish Restaurant - Hotel Host Inn

nb 3.8 / 5

Phone no. - +91 79 25501244, 079 25501245


Cost for two - 700


North Indian, Chinese

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Relish Restaurant - Hotel Host Inn Reviews and Ratings - Khanpur, Ahmedabad


Rated 3.0 by Shaima Patel

It is quite a pretty place with delicious food at reasonable price range. One of my favorite family restaurant.I love their soups and bake dish. Overall pretty place and once a try restaurant.HeTan Thakkar


Rated 1.0 by Mohammed Tati

Worst service ever experienced. Not worthwhile to visit. The attitude of staff towards customer was disrespecrful, not properly trained and even the food was not tasty.


Rated 1.0 by Harsh Doshi

Do not visit this restaurant. Very bad service and food was also pathetic. Buffet is just for name sake, doesnt serve whole heartedly. Dont waste your money over cherishing food here.


Rated 1.0 by Navid Ahmed

Worst food ever. Dont go. Dont waste your money Dinate your money but dont go to this pathetic restaurant. Food quality and taste pathetic. Street food is batter then this restaurant. Dont go.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Rizwan Shaikh

Well, I had high hopes from this Restaurant. Being in/at a place which is considered as the Center Most attraction for food lovers, u fetch more expectations as well as attractions of the people.  However, don't judge a book by its cover. And all that glitters is not gold, these 2 idioms proved to be very true in this case for me. Begin with entering the premises, we took a seat. Upon learning the fact that we possess some Nearbuy/Groupon coupons, the persons who welcomed us raised his eye brows and asked me to go to the entry point of the restaurant and get my coupon code registered over there. Now this was very very unusual. This is the first ever incident in all my nearbuy coupon redemption, where a hotel staff is asking you to stand up and get it registered. In all the earlier experiences of mine, either the coupon or the mobile has been taken by the hotel staff and they get the coupon code registered with that. Anyway, I did’t mind that at all. I went and got the coupons registered at the entry gate of the hotel. The Soup Came. It was good. No complain about the soup. Then we were served 2 Starters – Chicken Chilly & Hara Bhara Kabab. Coming with the starter, the Chicken was too hard (rough) to cut it with our fingers. In short, the chicken pieces were horrible. It also lacked taste. To be very honest, a 3rd class Chinese Laari at any damn place in the world would be serving better Chicken Chilly than this one, at a very reasonable rate. Anyway, Hara bhara Kabab was Ok type. We didn’t go for 2nd plate of starter as there was already more than half of the Chicken Chilly left in the place. Keeping the reviews in our mind, we thought that the Main course would be good enough to satiate our appetite. But we again got disappointed when the Main Course arrived. Once again, the chicken gravy (I didn’t care to ask the name of the dish, but there was some chicken and gravy) was not at all up to the mark, the chicken pieces again were not crispy and the staff didn’t care to serve main course to us. It was not a good service. It was kind of ok dish. And the Mixed Veg was horrible and lacked taste in every aspect. Having had the very bad experience with Non. Veg. food, we decided to have Jeera Rice and Dal over Chicken Biryani (Though we prefer Non.veg over Veg. in general). Again, Jeera rice and Dal tadka were tasteless. It seemed that Jeera was spread over steamed rice and then served to us. There was nothing special about the Rice and Dal, the same was the case with Starter and Main course. Finally, we were served Gulab Jamun and yes, they were delicious. We found only Soup and Dessert interesting, and between these 2 course of food, everything was dim and tasteless and even unhygienic. Last but not the least, after finishing our dinner, we were served with Mouth Freshner (Mukhwas) and a diary containing nothing by the Waiter to get a tip. Now this is also a bit unusual, considering my earlier experiences where no restaurant has ever presented a blank diary after the dinner when your bill is zero. Well, the Nature of Non. Veg meat/chicken is by default tasty. Even though, if u just roast it or bake it or just cook it without having any expertise of cooking, it will be tasty. The taste of Non. Veg food would get deteriorated only when the quality of the food is compromised to a larger extent, like using stale meat/chicken or etc. Also, make it sure that anyone who is serving tasteless Non. Veg food, believe it or not but their Veg Food is also lacking “Taste” which was proved in my case too. I don't know really but if it's the hotel which treat Customers, having some discount coupons, as inferior than the "ala carte" Customers or what. If this is the case, what's the need for them to make their coupons available this way. Better stop marketing your hotel this way or Provide the services & taste as you are providing to your patron customers.


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