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Cost for two - 450


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Rasranjan Reviews and Ratings - Navrangpura, Ahmedabad



Not able to give option of negative rating and hence 1star.. I belong from a marwadi family and my family is going to rasranjan since last 25-30 years.. Day by day quality is getting decreased. Today (06-08-18), when we visited this place to have some snacks (kachori samosa), firstly it was not at all freshly made. When I asked the manager - Great Atul Bhai 🤔, he replied that "sabke liye bar bar to nahi bana sakte na, aadha ghanta pahle hi bana hai" meaning thereby"we can't prepare it again and again for every new customers,it is prepared just 30 mins back " but when we started eating it, we realised that the kachori was atleast a day old. Those who eat kachori on regular basis, can ascertain very easily that how old a kachori is. Now come the main part, when we took chutney from one of the bottle available their, their was a small insect(commonly known as makoda) died in it. When we complained about it to manager, he was so ignorant that you can't imagine. He didn't even bothered to say sorry on entire incident. Than we called food and drug inspector, but due to Sunday, he didn't came. Than amc people suggested to book a police complaint and than we called up on 100 and than PCR van came from University police and than owner came and said sorry and all. Just for the sake of the age of owner, we cancelled our plan to make official complaint. But, rest it was a really pathetic service experience from a big local brand. During this entire incident, they people were like ye sab to hota rehta hai attitude.. Further more, apart from this incidence also, the food quality is deteriorating day by day and it is better to visit Agarwal and Gwalia than this place to have rajasthani snacks and sweets. Pls pay attention to quality of food served and raise your voice, if something is not proper.. Kudos to University police (Shri Kiritsinh Rathod) who came promptly..


Rated 1.0 by Chetan Parekh

There is no hygienic food, especially for pani puri and chat. Lots of insects and mosquitoes are running over pani puri and other food material. We had tried to visit 3 times and every time we found insects and mosquitoes on their pani puri.  Last time we try to inform their management but they show rude behavior and not concerning about their hygienic food and in addition, they said the guy who is preparing pani puri will remove any of the insects if it founds on top of it.  They even not responsible to come out to see the unhygienic food.  They want to charge the premium amount for a plate of pani puri compare to normal other vendors but not want to maintain the hygienic.  I had clicked on some of the photos as well which I am posting here.   They are really rude and irresponsible for hygienic food.


Rated 4.0 by Shweta

For the longest time Rasranjan has been serving great chat and sweets to amdavadis. I have memories of going there on weekends as a kid and waiting long to get a token for pani puri!! The chole bature and dahi kachori were next on the list. They also used to have delicious paneer tikka with the softest of paneer marinated in pudina chutney and other spices and barbecued with tomatoes, onions and bell pepper. With time the sheen and popularity of the place has waned, and wo appatently has the food. But they are still worth a visit for the paneer tikka!!


Rated 4.0 by Suraj Barot

Sweet tooth lovers place for a variety of sweet from north to south. East to West. Rasgulla are just sweet bombs to have ,rasmallai also give a rival feel to have for sweet touch to ur heart. Many varieties also available in packed container to send ur loved one international or domestic place total hygienic and fresh made sweets


Rated 2.0 by Loki

Over rated for what? One of the worse pani puris I had as I went with high expectations. Absolutely rude and arrogant staff preparing the chat. If you ask for onion or anything extra you would be very coldly stated that it is against their policy as that will ruin their famous taste. Seriously?

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