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nb 3.7 / 5
Himalaya Mall, Mem Nagar

Phone no. - +91 9662177284, 079 48006218


Cost for two - 400

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Qwiches Reviews and Ratings - Mem Nagar, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Vivek S.

When I went there with BMS coupon (which BMS gives sometimes when you buy tickets), the manager or whatever attaendant was there, wrongly and rudely said that the coupon won't be accepted as we don't allow such coupons, but I am sure it was Qwiches in or near Himalaya Mall's coupon I had and it wasn't expired at all....... Also he was very rude with other customers too. When they have issued coupons, no matter how much discount 35% (or even 100% free) and also customer is showing that coupon, they should rigorously and responsively stick to it and accept the valid in-time coupons and not give rude and adamant answers to customers, as customers mostly are never wrong......


Rated 2.5 by FoodieForSure

Independence day!!! After watching Pro kabbadi league 😍 that is going on in ahmedabad, me Nd my siblings thought to go to burger king for dinner... Ahmedabad had so many MCD and other burger outlets that people started to feel bored of same burger places and wanted burger king in ahmedabad and Alas!! It came atlast... ppl gng crazy abt itπŸ˜„ (i m no exception though πŸ˜‰)... After match, it was anyways so late and burger king was so busy today that we thought Dominos/MCD as our backup plan... But we got fed up of eating same MCD burger so my brother asked for qwiches... It was just next to burger king.. And for our surprise, it was empty πŸ˜„ so we just went inside... Food- we ordered Margarita pizza- 4/5 We dint took the combo and the size of the pizza was small.. Talking about the taste, it was pretty decent and loaded with enough cheese.. Oreo shake- 4/5 Who hates ShakesπŸ˜… that too when its Oreo πŸ™Œ... It was satisfactory yummy !! Chole Masala- 4/5 We again dint go for combo as combo included French fries and coke with it and we were in no mood to have it... They serve Paratha which is more like chapati with chana Masala.. Idk but i like qwiches's chole masala and no doubt even this was yummy!! Spicy Aloo wrap- 2/5 no no no... it was not spicy first. Second drawback was the filling that they used was not nicely mixed with each other... It turned out to be bad !! Cold coffee- 4/5 When you know after having such an awesome evening you have to go back home and do work whole night, coffee is the only way you came make through it πŸ˜„.. Cold coffee are my anytime fav drink.. Taste wise it was decent but on sipping till end , i found pieces of ice in it which proves uneven crushing and making of coffee.. (But that's OK πŸ˜‚) Spicy Maggie Cheese balls- 2/5 Man!!! Why? Why? its disappointing when they say spicy and things don't come up according to it. I m a spicy lover and its very saddening for me.. Very bland.. Little of cheese in it. You just force yourself to eat that tasteless balls and punish uyourself for ordering it... Brownie- 2/5 Brownie is everyone's best friend i guess... Who hates such a sweet little thing 😍... And when it comes to a sweet tooth person like meπŸ™ˆ its a divine gift... but the brownie i got was too dry.. as my sis is having cold, we opt for brownie without ice cream ... It was topped with chocolate sauce which looks tempting but after taking first bite, you realise how dry it is 😣


Rated 1.0 by Harsh Gupta

Never go to qwiches. It's a very boring place where you won't enjoy, now the public is also not decent enough, every one was talking very louder and some were looking like done sitting there and ordering in a self service place.


Rated 1.0 by Rohit Bhatia

The food was hell.....garlic bread had no garlic and cheese & full house pizza had no vegetables in it The packing was also in appropriate...Waste of money


Rated 1.0 by Ankit Kedia

It was not well food as we aspected food was not tasty as we hear from others we are not happy food was not made properly πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž we are not satisfied with your food we are thinking right now that we wasted owr money...

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