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Premvati Reviews and Ratings - Dudheswar, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Csishansoni

One star for staff behaviour.. very rude behaviour of staff in maninagar premvati.. mene ek cake order ki and kaha ke usme name likhna he but unhone pack karli and said nahi likhenge and thodi bolachali ke bad staff ne kaha hume bahi bechni paise vapas lelo .. pramukhswami ke log aise rude li baat karte he? Swaminarayan swaminarayan


Rated 4.0 by Deep Mistry

If you want to eat "Sudhh" and "Satvik" food then this the place for you. It is located outside BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Shahibaug and you will find different variety of snacks and food over here. Namkin and farsaan is also good and main attraction of any Premvati is "Swaminarayan Khichdi". I bet if you try it once , you will fall in love with it. I have never seen such tasty, spicy and dilicious khichdi anywhere. Along with this they serve pure vegiterian pastries which is truelly mouthwatering with the price of Rs 25-30-35-40 only. You should definitely eat these two items over there.


Rated 5.0 by Hitesh Chauhan

Very fresh...good quality in less price....Swaminarayan Kichdi is awesome...service is fast with good attitude..snacks are also good and fresh

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Chintan Thakkar

You find most delicious food in the most unexpected places. Premvati is one such place and for a place which serves wonderful khichdi I didn’t expect much from its burger and sandwiches. Trust me they are equally as good. I have never been to this place but I have heard great things. It is said to have great hygiene and it is famous for making and serving really fresh stuff at reasonable rates. At the same time its not a high end cafe but you can definitely expect good food and reasonably good surrounding as it is just located outside a temple.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Aksh Gandhi

This review is regarding the Premvati at Maninagar, since there is no page for premvati maninagar I am forced to post the review here.I had pavbhaji and black-forest, Strawberry Pastry. The Pavbhaji was awesome, no extra masala - everything in the right amount and the quantity for 60 bucks was good, sufficiently good for 1 person. Regarding the Pastry, it charged 35 and 30 bucks, respectively. Both the pastries were good, I am sure in regards to its price, quality and the service they provide, there would be a good competition to other commercial brands.