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Pizza Point Reviews and Ratings - Naroda, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Sunil Patel

Pizza And Pasta is nice.... But Brownie Chocolate is Cold...... All Over Good and efficient price...........................................


Rated 3.0 by Avinash Advani

Well same unlimited offer three types of pizzas salads and soup and same brownie with ice cream first averege tast of food and secound slow serivce . This is my 3rd visit at pizza point but they still have same issue. Slow service . Few slads item are nice other wise all items they serve in unlimited offer are crap .


Rated 2.0 by Rahul Bhatia

I visited this place because of its unlimited pizza offer. The concept is exactly same as that of US pizza. Well to begin with this place is huge and Air conditioned which was good. The ambience was also regular, nothing fancy. Now coming to food, I will first talk about the salad. The salad had 9 items of which 5 were pasta based. One was hot n spicy which was good. The others were rather sweet and hence I didn't like it much. The did have hot n sour soup as well but I didn't feel like trying that either. so after salad, I immediately moved for pizzas and garlic bread because the salad was rather unappetizing. However, in between, there had to be another not so delicious item. They served me panini, which was far from original paninis and when I told the staff that I don't want this and rather want to be served pizza he started telling me that it is pizza. His mistake was later rectified by his senior. This reminds me the staff was much blunt in their way of talking to customers. Finally, after all this, the pizza and garlic bread started pouring in. Those were the items which were best among everything. Pizzas were slightly above average. Of course, they were using the precooked base for pizzas so the base wasn't that good. However, the two pizzas were much better when compared to their thin crust pizza which was essentially a cracker with cheese. In the end, I was served brownie with Ice cream with the smallest brownie possible in the world. Instead of brownie with ice cream, it was the other way around because brownie was smaller than a scoop of ice cream that came with it. Overall experience - okayish. Not bad for Rs.147  inclusive of taxes. Pizza - 3/5 Garlic bread - 3/5 Staff 2/5 Everytthing else in buffer spread 2/5


Rated 1.0 by Sunita Murjani

I been there at the very beginning of the opening of this... 1st day the items were fresh and nice... after a time.. they were serving stale food... not even that..but too much rude staff.. no worries for Customer services...not tried after that...even near to home.. i prefer other outlets..