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New Famous Samosa House Reviews and Ratings - Mirzapur, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Tejas Shah

"My reviews are honest and straight forward" *Their kababs are delight.. I don't like samosas because their are much onion in themm. *their price is on higher side than regular.. In market there are many 20-26 Rs per plate kababs available. But as their 34Rs per 100gm is justice towards its quality.. Buns are fresh.. *ONLY ORDER KABABS LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED REVIEW


Rated 5.0 by Anique Pathan

Their samosa and kebab are delicious with bun. I used to go there once in a month. Any non veg lover must visit this place if you do not eat here you miss non veg taste of the old ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Idris Bhavnagarwala

My friends and I were planning to have samosas at this place for a long time since we've heard nothing but praises about them. We finally went there a few days ago and were not disappointed. The samosas were delicious and this place serves the best Mutton Kebabs in Ahmedabad, hands down.


Rated 5.0 by Mrugen Adevadia

This place of full of nostalgia for me. Whenever I used to visit Ahemdabad, Famous at Mirzapur is a must stop and trust me the very first bite of kebab takes me down the memory lane and I remember how I used to stuff my mouth with their delicious kebab and samosas. Any given day the best Samosa and Kebabs in town. Tastes best with their in house buns. Just one suggestion, it would be great if some green chutney and onions are part of the deal too.


Rated 3.0 by SimplyGourmand

I have tried chicken samosa in Puducherry, and frankly never knew even ahmedabad have something of this sort until my friend urged for this place... Seeing zomato, it made me more excited to try it out 😅... We Thought to have this famous street food as eve snacks... Mannnnnn!!! Was so hard to find its way and we trusted google maps for it and it took us from such places (butcher shops) that i cant even explain 😅 (no offence pls).. After walking for a very long, we reached to this place. The shop was closed but there was a small lari outside the shop serving samosas to people.. That gave us relief !! Food- we ordered Mutton samosa- 3/5 It was not something out of this world... Very normal for us.. No doubt the pudina adds flavor to it.. They serve 5-6 samosas in a plate costing 35rs.. Kababs- 3/5 Same review for it.. Meat balls!! But it didnt made me its fan.. Nothing special to mention about it Service- 3/5 Quick Ambiance- I don't know about the shop as it was closed but that man was selling it outside its shop, so we sat near to the road and ate it... Karthickits