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New Bombay Bhaji Pav

Mem Nagar
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New Bombay Bhaji Pav Reviews and Ratings - Mem Nagar, Ahmedabad


Rated 4.0 by Sandeep Parmar

This is my go to place when I wish to eat pav bhaji or pulav. They do offer many other things in menu but pav-bhaji and pulav are their speciality. The rates are very reasonable. It's one of the best taste available in gurkul and drive in area.


Rated 1.0 by Ankit Shah

Order didn’t received from restaurant so 0 marks


Rated 5.0 by Priti Sangwikar Dalal

As a hard core pav bhaji lover I always try to find new restaurant which serves Good pav bhaji.A quick search on Zomato and I found this joint near our place. After going through the so many positive reviews we decided to go to this place for our dinner. Ambience- Good and simple ambience with a huge seating area with AC. ( I never had pav bhaji seating in a AC hotel before 😉) 10/10 Food- Obviously we ordered for two Butter pav bhaji. whenever I go to eat pav bhaji the most boring part is waiting for your order to come 😉 because my hunger gets doubled 😂. After a wait for 15 mins we got our order and my goodness I was just looking at the plate for few mins.. The quantity was huge. Never saw this much quantity before. without wasting time we digged in our plate and one bite and it was superrr yummm 😋😋😋 One of the best pav bhaji I ever had.😍 even the pav was also soft, fluffy and huge in size which is generally not available everywhere. after that we had a glass of buttermilk which was needed in this hot weather. this was also one of the best I had. not too much thick, not too much watery. Satisfied our stomachs 😊 10/10 Service- Service was quick. 10/10. Overall a good family joint. They also have other items on their menu and I am sure they must be also good..Do visit


Rated 2.0 by Aaron Sunny

I'd say "old is gold" ! This place never lost it's charm or taste. The spicy tangy bhaji is better than a lot of places around in Ahmedabad. I always go for the butter version and double spicy. 😍


Rated 1.0 by Brijesh Patel

Poor service . Take orders on zomato and then let is wait and then never delivery . Quality is also poor . Never Go for this place. Worst service ever