Nautanki - Gastronomical Drama by Souq

IIM Road, Vastrapur

Phone no. - +91 7048555560, +91 7048555570


Cost for two - 2,600


North Indian, Continental

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Nautanki - Gastronomical Drama by Souq Reviews and Ratings - Vastrapur, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Shantanu Sharma

Simply awesome! Hands down one of the best places in Ahmedabad! Right from the ambience to the food, there is a certain quirkiness about Nautanki that hits the right spots. The ambience is very modern and elegant. The food is brilliant in both taste and presentation... the chef definitely does the extra bit. The place makes you feel special and has the right tastes and flavours. Certainly worth more visits! The cost is not as economical as one would like but the whole experience is certainly worth it.


Rated 5.0 by Tonu

Wow wow wow wow.....!!! Don't just go there to eat GO THERE to experience.....!!! Amazingly awesome 👏, heads of to the chef and his team. I am sure the place won't last in Ahmedabad as people are not use to the food they are serving. I don't have the words to express how good the food was, service was great, staffs very polite and helpful. I m lost for words......! I hope it's still there on my next visit. Simply GREAT EXPERIENCE.


Rated 1.0 by Deepal Patel

Only those items in fixed menu were available.. we àsked for Al u crarté ND were informed only paneer items ND hummus is available..Then what's the point of keeping the menu... Really disappointing...


Rated 1.0 by Li Siwei

You lost me even before I stepped into the restaurant. I had the same experience when I was trying to make a reservation at Mayan (which I heard has since closed down). Basically the worst type of service and attitude you can receive from just trying to call to make a reservation or to make some changes. I'm not even that upset that you had to cancel my reservation because your gas lines were supposedly damaged. You basically just decided to hang up on me and then spin a series excuses. Says a lot about what you can expect from a supposedly high-end, fine dining place which some say is a must-go for Ahmedabad. No thank you. You can take your attitude and shove it up yours.


Rated 5.0 by Desai Adit

Incredibile experience!!!!! Its awesome i never tested food like this before its very unique and main thing the way they r serving food and prepare food worth to visit....

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