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Munching Morsel Cafe & Family Restaurant

nb 3.8 / 5
CG Road, Ambavadi

Phone no. - +91 7203033369, 079 40099603


Cost for two - 500


Chinese, North Indian

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Munching Morsel Cafe & Family Restaurant, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad

About Munching Morsel Cafe & Family Restaurant

Munching Morsel Cafe & Family Restaurant in Ahmedabad has perfected the art of preparing North Indian and Chinese cuisines. Evident by the content faces of their guests, the restaurant is well-known for its range of delicious paranthas. A beacon of culinary excellence, Munching Morsel ...


Chinese, North Indian


CG Road, LL- 8, Park Avenue Complex, Parimal Cross Road, Ambavadi, Ahmedabad

Phone no.

+91 7203033369, 079 40099603

Average cost

Cost for two - 500

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11 AM - 11 PM


11 AM - 11 PM


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11 AM - 11 PM


11 AM - 11 PM


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Munching Morsel Cafe & Family Restaurant Reviews

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Parth Palaniya

Edit. Since my old and extremely review, I had been contacted by the owner of the establishment, and heartily apologized for his absence, which was the reason why the issue was handled poorly. He offered me a complementary meal as a way of saying sorry, and to taste the quality of the food. The quality of the food had been great since the beginning, even besides those blunders happened. The Tandoori Rotis are top notch and very soft, and the Sabji also were very tasty. And yes, it did come with Gulab Jamuns (absolutely best part of the meal, hands down). The ratings I'm giving right now is based on the meal I got, and it handily deserves the rating I'm giving right now. I have not had a meal that it is this good in this price. I am gonna keep the old review as a reference, but do note that the issues has been resolved, and I am very happy with their food and customer support. Would order again. ************ OLD REVIEW ************ I am used to ordering food online, and paying online. I ordered fixed lunch on two consecutive days from these guys and they had messed it up twice. First time around, they didn't include the gulab jamuns, they gave me lassi which I thought came with the lunch pack, but figured out the next day when they messed up again with the gulab jamuns that, they had given me lassi because they didn't have gulab jamuns. I hated lassi, but I would understand this. I would have if they had given me the damn choice at least. Yes, they replaced the food item twice without even confirming with me. I got refunded 40 rupees from the first order for their missing items. I was okay with it now, thought it wouldn't happen surely. The next day I order, I get my lunch without gulab jamuns, again, and one new addition was pickle. Which I appreciate. But it wasn't the end, the dal that they included, the quantity of it was so laughable that if I would try to scoop that up with spoon, it wouldn't happen. This is when I felt absolutely cheated, if you do not have something in stock, just call. Talk to me. Rather than forcing down your lassi on my throat. Upon complaining, Zomato had hands off the situation saying that there is nothing that we can do, with some automated messages. And asked me to call the restaurant, which I did. That's when they boiled my blood with their utter lack of apologic attitude, and do what you can, I don't care attitude of the representative from restaurant. So I had to put this up. These guys are cheating and not even apologetic about it. Utterly disappointing. There is a degree of trust that goes when you order food online, and pay for it without even getting to see it. That trust is everything when it comes to ordering online. They just broke it massively, most of all, Zomato failed to deliver on protection to these kinda people. Aa I said, utterly disappointing. I would rather rate this 0, but 1 to 10 is how score goes here, so... ************ OLD REVIEW ************

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