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Mansuri Halwa Reviews and Ratings - Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Amin

Mansuri halwa Its very close to my home. From my childhood i know this place. Its awesome for all kind of sweet. Specially their barfi is awesome


Rated 4.0 by Anupriya Singh

While on our visit to the Lal Darwaja, i wanted to visit the famous eating joints too. That is the fun of a day long shopping spree. Read about the Mansuri Halwa here on zomato and also got a suggestion from a friend. So we found our way to this humble sweet shop at a corner, famous for its varieties of halwas. We tried the gulab lassi, a rose flavoured lassi that was priced at a meagre Rs 20. Nothing can be better than this lassi to beat the heat. The kesari rabri was thick and creamy with just the right hint of saffron,quite different from the laccha rabris. There serve a simple plate with no garnishings of essence of dry fruits.We also tried the lauki ka halwa and pineapple halwa, both served in a 100 gm quantity as tasting dishes. The lauki ka halwa was delicious, rich with mawa and left me wanting for more. We dod not like the pineapple halwa very much as it tasted of added pineapple essence. It was however, a rich halwa with dry fruits also. Wanted to try the anjeer halwa and gulab jamuns that it is also popular for, but were completely full. Also regret not getting anything packedd from here.111


Rated 4.0 by Lionel

This is arguably the best halwa you'll get in Ahmedabad, the kind of varieties they serve is amazing. Cheeku, Pineapple, strawberry, dryfruit, mango, egg, milk and few other varities.. I've eaten all their halwas, they are so deliciously delicious, i especially like the ones which are loaded with desi ghee, yumm they are. They have couple of other sweets too like the cutlet, which is like an extended gulabjamun, just darker, thicker and a bit sweeter, they also have a thing called the mawa khaja which is like a crisp pastry loaded with mawa, rich and delicious. If you wanna try varities in halwas then you gotta visit this place, especially for the people with a sweet tooth.


Rated 2.5 by Hitesh Kyada

I went to house of MG for Gujarati thali n all of sudden I remember about this halwa shop which is just 100mtr from house of MG. So I asked I security guy n started walking as it was cloudy afternoon with decent weather. Went to shop. Shop is very old but clean. Tried tester of there halwa but didn't felt to order for parcel. For me it was like barfi type sweets, not halwa from any angle. Nothing special if u give a miss


Rated 5.0 by Shamir Patni

Great value for Money for Halwas. Pineapple Halwa and Dry Fruit Halwa are best. Buyer from last 8 years.