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Lalji's Hotel & Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Amdupura, Ahmedabad

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Neel Joshi

Food Quality - Ok to Good Ambience - Ok Food Taste - Good Staff Behavior - Friendly Food Quantity- Exceptionally Excellent (or say high enough for two persons)


Rated 4.0 by Sukant Pandit

I stayed here for two days. Ambience - 2.5/5(very basic), food variety- 4/5, food taste and quality- 4.5/5 (heavenly), Service - during morning breakfast it is very slow, during dinner it is very quick, value for money - 4/5, overall experience- 4/5. This place surprised me. Their aloo pyaaz paraatha is just heavenly. It has so so much of the stuffing, that it seems how could they even fill so much, with extra filling near the edges just like cheese burst pizza. Their poha is fine, not too special though they serve very good tea. Since I was living alone, I could not try much. I once ordered cripy vegetables. It was very good, but the quantity was huge that I had to skip dinner. Next night I had mix veg, again so special. I was in yellow gravy and it didnt seem to be very rich but in taste, it just dashed all the benchmarks and I just loved it and started drooling just like kids drool for uncle chips. Again the quantity was too much for single person. My only suggestion is that they should have option of half plate as in the hotel many solo business traveller comes and stay. Overall great experience


Rated 3.0 by Ajeesh

I was staying at Laljis hotel when I was in ahmedabad. The place is decent. As for the food, it's a pure veg restaurant. I tried the staple thali. It was good and value for money.