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Knife & Fork Reviews and Ratings - Acher, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Tanushree Basak

Been there last weekend, not satisfied with the taste of the food (chicken fried rice n lemon chilly chicken) as compared to the outlet at Knife n fork, Thaltej. Should improve on their taste.


Rated 5.0 by Sukirty Manish Pal

Several times I have visited this place. The staff is courteous and polite.The ambience is good. Food is awesome though they take a bit more time in serving but the taste is awesome.


Rated 3.0 by Krish Verma

Taste is fine .with all fresh n pure items .. Delivery with no delay... Location of restaurant at Midway Awsm view with dinner wid cold breeze.


Rated 2.5 by Kavin

Mutton dum briyani was horrible! Uncooked rice and simply for namesake they are providing dum briyani Dal is OSM here and soups are also good Hvnt tried any other dishes here as briyani came out a disaster.


Rated 2.0 by Anand Sengupta

we had ordered cilantro chicken tandoori. which was mediocre but passable. however the real disappointing dish was Laal Maas Ginger biryani which was actually a sad looking bowl of spicy and oily rice covered in some weird gravy with just two piddly bones (literally no meat) of mutton that we had to scour with a fork before we found it to convince ourselves that it was indeed a non veg dish. I cannot believe at the miserly attitude of the owner. Just to give you perspective, mutton costs 440 rupees a kilo in the open market (wholesale perhaps less). the dish which we expected to find a few botis of mutton was 260 rupees. So if the owner had put in even 100 gm of mutton it would have been 44 rupees which is a tiny fraction of the cost. what he decided to send us as biryani, instead, had 2 small bones with no flesh and some oily goo spread evenly over the rice. So I ask you, gentle reader: steer clear off their biryani. It's not even the ghost of biryani in your worst nightmare. Spoiled my evening and my appetite. Sad place this for anyone looking to get an honest plate of a simple dish. Hang on, I just remembered something which should have alerted me in the first place. While ordering the take away I had asked the restaurant if they have this flavour of biryani. And the answer was, "We will make it for you". Well ... that should have been a warning for me not to have ordered this dish. As any little boy in Hyderabad or Lucknow or Calcutta (or some other place, where they know their biryani) knows, you can't make biryani on the go. It takes hours of preparation. So when they offered to make me Laal Maas Ginger biryani, why did I not put down the receiver?