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Khana Khazana - Inder Residency

nb 4.2 / 5
Ellis Bridge

Phone no. - +91 7926565222, 079 26565222


Cost for two - 1,250


North Indian

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Khana Khazana - Inder Residency Reviews and Ratings - Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad


Rated 4.0 by Nikita Dudani

Khana Khazana is a restaurant situated in Hotel Inder Residency, Ahmedabad. It serves North Indian cuisine. I was recently here to dig in some of their yummiest food and also to try their Monsoon special menu.  One thing, this restaurant is always peculiar about is the consistency of the food. You will get to have same quantity and taste whenever you go! Here’s what I had there: Tandoori Masala Bhutta: It was a unique way of serving corn on the cob. The boiled corn was covered with Tandoori Masala to give it flavors. I liked their idea however, some small pieces of same would have added to the charm. Pani Puri Shots: A classic starter! The pani was delicious and it was serving made it quite easy for us to grab and eat them. I liked the freshness of the food.


Rated 4.0 by Hriday Bhatia

Khana khazana has been revamped by the Inder group. The age old place now has a new look and a new menu with exciting new dishes. They also have the monsoon festival that is currently showcasing a variety of special dishes that they've put together especially for this purpose. The taste of all the dishes is quite nice and the main course as usual was exemplary, be it the veg or the non vegetarian dishes. No complaints for the main course and the dessert. The appetizers however were somewhat a mixed experience. Nothing bad per se, just a tad more work required there. But try their chaats and pani puri, those were lovely or even the tandoori corn. Not all revamps work but I must say these guys have done a marvellous job!


Rated 3.0 by Canute Fernandes

Being here stirrs up some memories of years ago when I would come here as a kid since the hotels and restaurants in this part of town were the go to places if you wanted to go for a meal. Khana Khazana is currently hosting a Monsoon Festival and have come up with some dishes as part of the Monsoon Festival menu ... ! Some of the dishes I wasn't too keen on, some I liked although there were some flaws here and there with these too ... ! - Tandoori Masala Bhutta : Lightly Charred Corn on the Cob with a Tandoori Masala ... ! A little too much masala in that the sweetness of the corn is lost in there ... ! Served on the side it could work, but personally I would do away with the masala completely, instead just appreciate the sweetness of the corn and that little smoke from the char. - Galouti Kebab : The cook was very good on these which in turn gave these a beautiful texture .. ! Soft and delicate just how Galouti should be .. ! Sadly it was very generous on the spice to a point where all one can taste is the spice and nothing else ... ! - Pani Puri Shots : Does what I says on the box, it's Pani Puri, done really well, no complaints with this one .. ! - Laal Maas with Rumali Roti : Laal Maas is more fiery red in colour with the generous use of Mathania Chilli or Kashmiri Chilli ( as a substitute ) for colour in there, this fell short on the "red" colour aspect. Not saying that I wasn't good ... ! It was absolutely delicious, meat cooked well, a rich hearty onion gravy with that lovely Rumali Roti, worked for me .... ! All in all I'll give this place a 3 out of 5, the food was good so was the service but they have a long way to go if they want to stand up to the other hotels in town in terms of the food and everything ... ! Good Luck Thank You For The Meal

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Kathak Mehta

Too much of experimental outings in pursuit of trying all the new places coming up on SBR and Prahladnagar? I have had quite a bit of it - go to the newest place in town almost every week. And then I decided to turn to a good old, reliable place. The restaurant at Inder is where I headed for lunch on a Sunday and relive the old times when I used to frequent this place very often. And it was indeed worthwhile an idea. The charm of the 90s, warm service and cosy ambience made the experience pleasant. I did manage to be away from the bustle of weekend. As a part of the Monsoon festival that they are running, the lunch began with blue heaven (loved the slight fizz in the drink) and masala bhutta. Just the perfect spiciness I would have wanted. Pani puri shots looked mouth-watering and so it was! Aloo tikki was good too. China town sizzler was almost regular; not a big fan of the localized chinese food. Was quite full by this to go to the main course. Tried some palak sabji with roomali roti. They always make wonderful roti. I would skip the brownie with ice cream for gulab jamun any day! Overall experience was a bit of nostalgia with charm of old days and reliable, decent food. Once in a while, it is always nice to stop by at the old spots, take a moment and soak in the feeling of days gone by. I am glad I went to Inder, when are you stopping by?!


Rated 3.0 by Trishna Kashyap

It is the in house restaurant of hotel Inder Residency, Ellis Bridge. The ambiance is inviting, well lit, ceilings are beautifully decorated with the little glass bulbs. Sitting was comfortable. Coming to food, we have tried blue heaven in summer coolers;tandoori Bhutta, Galauti Kebab in Starters; Pani Puri, aloo Tikki and Tokri chaat in the chaats; main course we had Lal Maas and Roomali Roti; desserts we had sizzling brownie and Gulab Jamun. The Galauti Kebab was well cooked and very spicy. Chaats were good. The dish that was standing out for me was the Lal Maas, the meat was wellcooked, spiced up and Yumm. I am not a fan of sizzler so not commenting on that. The service was courteous, efficient. Overall a good place to plan events or just go out for dinner with family and friends


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