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Jack&Rock Cafe

Alpha One Mall/Ahmedabad One Mall, Bodakdev
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Jack&Rock Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Bodakdev, Ahmedabad


Rated 2.0 by Prutha

No Garlic in cheese garlic bread.. Just using garlic butter doesn't help to make good garlic bread.. Too much of cocoa solids or some malt in dark chocolate thick shake.. It didn't taste well, it make me to leave it.. Not going again.. 2 rating just on basis of good seating arrangement not for food..


Rated 5.0 by Wasim Mansuri

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Rated 3.0 by Kanika Pahadia

Nearest place for hukka in Ahmedabad. There's no other place tht strikes my head but brewberry. They make good hukka, which is too time consuming however but worth the wait. The food isnt good here, coffee too watery and pizza too soggy.. Come here for a relaxing hukka experience :)

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Rush

The country pizza. Delicious. The ambience is good and thankfully so is the service and the food. Worth going. Yet to try the coffees they offer though.


Rated 3.0 by Sam

AlphaOne has become my usual hang out place for some time now. Have tried several food stores in the food court. I visited there at around 4:00 PM today. At this time the mall was bursting at the seams. Elevators were crammed with people, I let it go away twice as I couldn't pluck up my courage to get inside and become a sandwich (with salty sauces in the form of sweat). The third time just couldn't wait anymore and headed towards escalator to get to the ground floor. That's when the Brewberrys' outlet caught my eyes. Located on the 2nd floor was never on my wish list but I just happened pass by and thought to give it a try. I quickly scanned through the menu printed on the wall just behind the counter and ordered an Americano black coffee accompanied with one plate of samosa. Then happened some not-so-good things. After placing the order, I sat on a table. I noticed the table housed an empty plate of a chocolate pastry. That was ok not a problem. Then I put my a hand on the table and felt something beneath it. I realized that small pieces of the pastry were scattered on the whole table and I just had placed my hand on it. I love chocolate but would never want to rub my hand on someone's scavenge. I asked to clean the table to the counter. In response they sent a person to clean it. That person came lightning fast, picked the plate and vanished in no time leaving the scattered pastry pieces untouched. Now, that was objectionable. It ruined my appetite altogether. Check the photos attached. (The table's color is brown and matches with that of the pastry so may no be clearly visible in the pic.) Though I was disappointed by the services, I tested the coffee. It was good but came in disposable cup rather than in a ceramic mug. I actually liked it though it could have been better if served in ceramic mugs. Samosas came with potato along with green peas and green coriander stuffing. They were ok taste wise. But I didn't like the black charred micro pieces of something which were visible when looked at close up. Overall, it was not an experience I'd like to relive again but the coffee was good so may give this place a second change to please me in future.