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Havmor Ice Cream Reviews and Ratings - Juhapura, Ahmedabad


Rated 4.0 by Faiz Malik

Had been here to bought ice cream. But saw their milkshakes so baught coco shake . Was average and they made it from Amul taza! One scope of chocolate ice cream But was good for coco lovers and cought me 89 rupees which is still not so much so according to me you should try once.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Brinda Majithia

Best chocolate ice cream I have had - Must try - Choco nutty ice cream! Till the time I went to Ahmedabad, Havemor for me was just an ice cream brand that is known for its one pe one offer. However, I came across a couple of Havemor eating joints in Ahmedabad. Got a chance to try it as this outlet is located close to the station and we wanted to grab a quick bite before getting in the train to Mumbai. Our friends based in Ahmedabad recommended the chole bhatura. Along with that we ordered pizza, toastes and veg grilled sandwich. The chole & bhatura was slightly oily but tasted good. Sandwich was fine with good filling. The pizza was almost like a miniature pizza. Thin crust, good amount of cheese but too tiny! The toastes (I can't recollect the correct name) Looks like garlic bread but tasted just so awesome. It had mayonnaise, onion, green chilli and cheese topping. We couldn't resist and ordered for 2 more helpings! Desserts - The chocolate milkshake was perfect - thick, cold and chocolaty The best part was the choco nutty ice cream - so chocolaty and so nutty and so yummy! Self service. Reasonably priced. Average ambiance.