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Dangee Dums Reviews and Ratings - Satellite, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Snehashish Sen (Born Foodie)

Never ending love for this place. Dangee Dums has hell varieties of Cakes, Pastries and Ice Creams. They have varieties of Chocolate Version of Cakes either it be Crunchy Chocolate, Brazilian Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Dutch Cake. There is list of endless varieties. Pastries are also really good of this place and the best part is everything is served absolutely fresh and yummy! Enjoy!! Cheers!! :)


Rated 4.0 by Jainy Patel

Really love this place!!😍 Such amazing varieties of cakes, and love their weekly deals!! The chocolate filling is so rich, it'll melt in your mouth.My favorites are red velvet cake and the cupcakes, they're heavenly! 😍💕

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Jay Brahmbhatt (JB)

Okay experience. Need specific cake amd found near one of it. No cleanliness and noisy. Staff is good but overall okay visit. Need to improve on interior cleaning.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Anupriya Singh

Celebrating your birtbday and you are the only one eating the cake ? Well, that's me. None of the people around have cakes and then i either ended up dropping the idea of a cake cutting or eating a whole 2 pound cake all by myself!! Imagine the calories. And the Dangee dums comes up with the chotu cakes 😊😊. Its a happy happy cake cutting for me on all occassions and a gulit free indulgence too. We stopped by today for a holi treat after dinner and the mini cupcakes caught my fancy. Bite sized cupcakes, these cuties were available in 4 flavours and i quickly got each one of it. A dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache, too less for chocolate lovers. You will surely end up with more than one. The strawberry and blueberry cupcake with fruity flavour is a delight for fruit lover. The pineapple and coconut cupcake with a white chocolate ganache topping was good and the best was the chocolate with salt and caramel topping. Loved the cupcakes, each worth a try. I found this a nice gifting option and it would surely make a great party dessert. They will see me a little more often for this.


Rated 2.5 by Rohin Patel

CAKES=DANGEE DUMS  I prefer this place for satisfying my sweet tooth! I've tried one of their cake of the week but not all.  Planning to take a chance on  SWISS CHOCOLATE & CHHOTU CAKE. Good service.