Casual Dining

Crazy Noodles

Prahlad Nagar Satellite

Phone no. - 079 40370203, +91 9429883557


Cost for two - 550


Chinese, Thai

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Crazy Noodles Reviews and Ratings - Prahlad Nagar Satellite, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Bhavana Patel

Half cooked.


Rated 5.0 by How I Met My Food

The crazy dessert at Crazy Noodles, Prahladnagar called the Chocolate money bags is something that bursts in your mouth ! This is my favourite dish here. Those small parcels are puff pastry which are deep fried and filled with chocolate. Taking 1 parcel and a spoon of ice cream is unbelievably soothing for all those dessert lover !! As they say you are what you eat, so we are awfully sweet because we love this and cannot get enough of it. I have frequently visited this place and they serve the best chinese in Ahmedabad. Very quick service and they serve a good quantity as well. A must visit place for chinese lovers.


Rated 3.0 by Himani Samar

Nice place to experience Chinese when you are surrounded by sweetness of gujarati food.😋 Not too crowded as it is bit of expensive. Must try dimsum momos and fried rice. In dessert moneybag chocolate is somewhat tricky😂 For food-3.5 ambience -3


Rated 5.0 by Sakshi Nahar

Pan fried noodles Chocolate moneybags Paneer chilli All three dishes were amazing my personal favorite was chocolate moneybags Loved the food Amazing ambiance and good service


Rated 2.0 by Yashi Garg

Wanted to have indo Chinese food so visited this place. Place was all empty so we had a doubt if we can get fresh food or no. We ordered sesame chilly potato and pan fried noodles and fresh lime soda. Sesame chilly potato - 3/5 -taste was just OK and I felt that fried potatoes were not fresh. Pan fried noodles - 0/5- not the cup of my tea. I didn't like them at all. Noodles were rather hard than crisp. My mouth started aching after chewing them. Their sauce was very flowy and settled in the bottom hence noodles tasted all blend.Not recommended. Fresh lime soda - 2/5 - I didn't find it good as it was extraordinary sour. Service was prompt. Seating is quite elaborate.

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