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Chauraha Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Navrangpura, Ahmedabad


Rated 3.0 by Mahima Iyer

In a city full of noteworthy colleges and universities, this easily acessible cafe is situated inside the Kanoria Arts Centre which frequently hosts various lectures and conventions during which I happened to have tried this canteen cum cafe. Their Pav Bhaji and Sev Usual is delicious and friendly on the pocket and so is their sandwich and puff. The place is generally occupied by college goers and is vibrant and happy with a few seats and chairs lying around.


Rated 3.0 by Vegetarian Habibti

Being a CEPT student, this was my everyday snack spot, at least for my daily coffee. The place is very well located in a quite and green environment. Often there is an art exhibition going on right next door so it really caters the requirements very well. It's best for the sandwiches, also their usal pav, vada pav, sponge cake, fresh juices are pretty worth the price. However they do not specialize in thali/Indian lunch platter. They started that a while ago and wasn't really worth a try. Also they NEVER have change, not even for a 50! 😒 which disappoints most visitors there. Also they once introduced Falafel, which I ordered out of curiosity but it turned out to be a hilarious experience. It was basically potato ball in a bun! 😆 PS. That's not even close to a falafel. My advice, just stick to the sandwiches, tea, coffee and the ambience. You'll be good. 👍🏼


Rated 4.0 by Aditi Khanduri

We all have those places on our list which we know we will always end up in when we are low on cash.Really good pocket friendly place and love the sorrounding its like eating in a garden. Got some pictures somehow(Thou we aren't allowed to apparently) It's self service place so neatness is upto every individual to maintain. They have a wide variety of food to offer and cold section containing all sorts of drinks and chocolates. Amazed by the lunch fixed plate prices.60 bucks for one. What I ordered was a chauraha cafe special panini , french fries and cold coffee they were all freshly prepared and value for money. On the other pizza is not something one should order there. Try out there panini and sandwhichs.


Rated 5.0 by Shreya Vyas

Looking for a quiet space, not too crowded, not glamorous, just a place simple, to have hours of peaceful conversations with good food? Chauraha cafe is the perfect place for you then. Chauraha cafe, located inside the Kanoria art center is set up in a semi open space, overlooking the sculptural garden of Kanoria Center for Arts, is this simple yet elegant cafe. Subtle décor of cane stools , stone benches, some interesting artwork and a lot of green pots and plants in the backyard, this place is meditative and relaxing. Talking about food, We've been rating all of their food items with either a 4.5 or a 5, all worth to the rates they charge. Apart from the snacks options, we are also a big fan of their lunch plates. Believe me, you ought to have a lunch here at least once. All in all, Our favourite place currently! P.S There's a slight change in the menu which is provided here on zomato.


Rated 4.0 by Raveena Gohil

I have been here a lot of times. Great place to just hangout. Their coffee and burgers are amazing. Will prepare however you want it to be. Their barbecue burger is really good. Great ambience too.