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Cafe Alfresco Reviews and Ratings - Navrangpura, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Bhavya Sheth

We ordered Pink Panther Pasta but they served Arrabiata pasta. Service is worst over here. They placed bill on our table within 5 minutes of order being served.


Rated 5.0 by Himani Jani

awesome food


Rated 3.0 by Shruti Dixit

Had recently visited the Sunday brunch . Ideally my rating is 2.5 stars . If not for this brunch I would have given a better rating since I have had ala carte and liked it . I really liked their ambience and always had . Especially this bamboo enclosed area which is cosy and gives you a nice corner for yourself. Also the quotes on the wall are cute . Could do with better back supports though. Coming to the food , Cappuccino ☕ : It tasted good and the flavor was strong though was sadly lacking in presentation . Fresh fruit cocktail with low whipped cream🍨 : Was okayish with the sharpness of apple contrasting with the sweetness of cream. The choice of fruits ( apple and green apple ) did not work at all . Something like berries or even the humble banana would have been better. Classic waffle with maple syrup and butter - Was totally not up to the mark , I sent back the first one as it was undercooked and the second time it was much better. . Golden crispy rice soup 🥘 : This one was much better and lifted our spirits for a better experience ahead . Though didn't exactly match the description, it did taste good. Assorted chips and dips 🍲 : Thank god for this . This was the one that saved the day and it's sad that the only dish I ended up liking is the one which wasn't cooked but assimilated. Nachos , focaccia bread and pizza chips tasted excellent with great salsa dip , creamy dip and a very strongly garlic flavored dip . Schezwan paneer with crackling spinach 🥗 : This one had paneer cubes with strong garlic and onion flavors and the spinach complemented it well . They should cut the cubes into thinner pieces for better flavor distribution. Pepper pesto cheese pockets 🍣 : Again dissapointed with this one there was barely any cheese inside , pesto was also undetectable and it had such a thick oily outer shell . Paneer Bhurji sandwich🍞 : Not good at all , the Bhurji inside was an oily yellow oniony mess . The kitchen seemed to have only two vegetables - onion and garlic. Watermelon feta salad🥗 : On this I would reserve my judgement. I do know this combination is frequent and liked by many but I disliked it even before tasting and after tasting I was sure I won't try it again Mint mojito 🍸 : A refreshing drink to have which made me feel better amongst these dishes . Paneer pasanda🍲 : Tasted okay though they had coated the paneer with flour and fried it which tasted bad. I just rescued the paneer from it's prison and had it . The veg handi was below average, I have no words The rotis were fresh fresh, soft and light though the tawa paratha left much to be desired. Didn't even bother to try Dal and rice The chocobrownie volcano was a joke just look at how less their quantity is . The alfresco sundae was mango ice cream with cream on top . Topping it with cream won't make it a sundae man . . Was absolutely dissapointed with this Sunday brunch of 576 bucks . The SERVICE guy was a mix of polite and rude. He started out as disinterested and by the end was really polite and asked if he liked the meal . Had no idea what to make of it. Go there for ala carte if you want but DEFINITELY skip Brunch.


Rated 4.0 by Pinky Sheth Modi

Been there twice ...nice place , I loved its fruits bowl ...ambience is good placed with bamboo sticks food variety is good .....pasta was delicious...


Rated 5.0 by Jasmin Majithia


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