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Dhal Ni Pole
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Astodia Bhajia House Reviews and Ratings - Dhal Ni Pole, Ahmedabad


Rated 3.0 by Montu Darji

Its very near to my home and have tried their all types of bhajiyas..!! if i compared with raipur bhajiya outlet then i give more mark to raipur becuase of the quality. some how i found bhajiya ma oil bahu hoy che...!! so i prefer RAIPUR outlet compared to this.. If you dont have a time and want some quick food then this is the place near to Gitamandir..!!


Rated 2.5 by Binal

Had methi and aloo bhajiya ...the taste was too good but the staff is not at all friendly and very arrogant ... They don't serve chatni with bhajiya which is a missing part ... as the bhajiya over there are served in grams and kilograms, their weighing scale is also not proper.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Husain Rupawala

Must visit place for bhajia lovers.. Methi bhajia is my favourite.. Khaman is also served, very nice quality, soft and watery khaman that can cherish your taste buds.. but for Khaman, visit this place before 6:00 pm. Because by that time all khaman are sold. Best place for late night hunger, or in house party snacks.


Rated 4.0 by Utsav Shah

This place is very famous for its bhajia. Most recommended place for Spicy & yummy bhajia. A huge place covered near astodia darwaja. Juices & other snacks also available.


Rated 4.0 by TheSaucyXplorer (Sneha Naidu)

Was craving for something sweet and then I saw this place which was crowded. I could see fruits and bottles of syrups/juices from distance and went inside. They had FALOODA on the menu and I was very happy like a kid is when he sees candies!! That's because i love falooda! They only offer two flavors - Kesar and Rose. They already have plastic glasses filled with Kesar and Rose syrups along with vermicelli and chia seeds. Rose flavor being my favorite i ordered it. They put some milk in the glass and topped it with strawberry ice cream. It was heavenly delicious. Even more delicious than the one i had at Gandhi Cold Drinks House. While having it, I saw other people mostly opting for Kesar so I thought of giving it a shot. Well it was good but I would still prefer rose over it. Maybe because its my favorite flavour. PS the ice creams here are in house! They are not on the sweeter side at all that's what i loved the most about this place because syrup already and it was perfectly balanced by the ice cream. Food: (4.5/5) Ambience: (3.5/5) Staff & Service: (4/5) Cost: (5/5)