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Annkut Reviews and Ratings - Satellite, Ahmedabad


Rated 1.0 by Te Quila

I wish to give a minus rating to Annkut for bad behavior and service. But unfortunately minus rating is not there to choose from. Learn to handle customer then get into this business


Rated 3.0 by Amal Shah

Mediocre taste. Worst desert choice. Who serves fruit salad in a Gujarati restaurant? They could've served shrikhand basudi dudhpak instead. Service like any other thali place. Nothing unique about the menu. Better option available right across the Street at Prasad dinning hall.


Rated 5.0 by Joshi Parth

Maybe this is a place where we can eat real Gujarati food, I like Annkut's food and I used to visit here with my guests, Nicely maintain and good quality, service is good and quick!


Rated 5.0 by How I Met My Food

Annkut, located in Prahladnagar is a restaurant serving traditional gujarati cuisine. It’s a wonderful place for people who like authentic food. Service: Gujarati restaurants in Ahmedabad traditionally have habit of serving food to customers without even asking the customers which results in wastage of food. But Annkut is different as one is not rushed to finish the meal but in fact are expected to spend good time. The hands are washed in traditional style before and after the meal. The staff is courteous and non-intrusive. One can sit, relax and do a bit chit-chat before the staff starts serving food to you. The best thing is that they serve the food in kasa plates, bowls and spoons. Food: They have an innovative way to serve annkut prasad in the beginning. They serve mouth-watering gujarati cuisine, a cuisine which is loved and eaten by all. There is a basket full of goodies on the table with varieties like Bhujiya, Ganthiya and Laddo. One can munch on them while waiting for other guests to arrive. The welcome drink is tangy and perfectly spiced to get one’s digestive juices flowing. Patra and Bhajiya- Patra was perfect with only a thin layer of besan batter between the leaves while bhajiya were crispy. In curries we were served Bharela Ravaiya and Green Undhiyu both were just perfect. They serve dal and kadi which make the thali experience complete. They also serve rice, puri, chapati, papad and different pickles. Also, keep some space for this last part of eating thali which is an Indian dessert - dudh pak. It won us over today as it was piping hot. The sinful food experience was rounded off with Paan!!! Quality of food was perfect as it was not over the top spicy / sweet which we have found in many restaurants. Also, there is no non-gujarati dish on plate which is very rare nowadays. Daily menu includes a welcome drink, annkut Prasad, sweets-2, farsan-2, green veg-2, potato veg, kathol veg, roti, puri, dal/khadi, rice, papad and paan. They also serve paratha and khichdi occasionally. Ambience: A beautiful place with rich & relaxed looking interiors. Ambience is traditional and yet sleek. The restaurant is a pure gujarati food delight. One should visit Annkut to witness lip smacking food. Would we recommend it? Anyone who has remotest interest in Gujarati cuisine, must visit once.


Rated 3.0 by JASH SHAH

Located on the ground floor, on Prahladnagar Road, an upcoming business street, this restaurant is done up in traditional style. Annkut has rustic walls and lots of wood pillars on the walls and beams on the ceiling. The table and chairs are also wooden. The walls are decorated with wooden framed mirrors and wooden window panes and such other wooden frames. The food is served in bell metal utensils which were used traditionally in Indian homes. Food served in Kansa metal utensils or Bell metal utensils is said to be good for the health. Here the plates, small bowls, spoons and even the glass is made of Kansa metal. The thali is a bit more pricey than most places but they also do it in style. You start with an appetizer and then the stewards start serving food and filling up the thali real fast. So, you get 4 vegetable preparations, 2 snacks, 2 sweets, papad, puris, rotis, Dal or Khadi, whatever you like to have, and of course, rice. You can have unlimited amounts of food but it is all heavy. You also have lots of side dishes - 'Pickle', 'Green and Red Chutney', 'Salad', 'Besan Sev' and some fried snacks to go with the meal. To top all, there is 'Masala Chaas' as well. Insider Tips They serve 2 types of savoury items - steamed or boiled savoury and a fried snack. The steamed snacks like 'Dhoklas', 'Khandvis' are light, do try themTry the salty snacks kept in the centre of the table with Rice and Dal at the end, it adds to the crunch and goes well with the sweet Gujarati Dal and KadhiThe restaurant also has family packs, so, you can get it for your family

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