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Anand Reviews and Ratings - Naranpura, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Dhrupa

A must visit place 😋 ... the place is basically located near ankur char rasta.. You must try this place out.. This place serves awesome sandwiches .. they also serve different items too on the menu which are worth trying ( jain items also available )... they offer dabeli, vadapav, bhel, lassi , pani puri etc... I tryed the Open toast.. A must try on the menu... I ordered the GCTC toast.. the toast comes with spicy masala on the top with melted cheese and it was really good ( served with tomato ketchup and green chuntey )..💙 My friend had cold drink to go with it and I tryed the Cold Coco .. COLD COCO in just 40 bucks with the quantity and taste superb .. must try this too... Surely trying there pani puri next time as it looked tempting.. Order cold coco and open toast without a second thought and not to forget the place in well maintained with cleanleness and a water cooler..its super clean they have a comfortable space in the shop where u can enjoy ur food .. the place is well maintained.. keep it up cheers. ✌


Rated 4.0 by MOHIT JANI

The quality of the food is very good they make a clean environment in the place and the food is also very delicious. I specially love the Italian pizza though they increase the price very often but they always maintain an excellent quality.


Rated 4.0 by Food Braggers

Ohh maa.. this place was so crowded with people.. Anyways their service was quite quick, but they just forgot one of our orders and received that after an hour waiting ☹️. We had ordered: Fry Dabeli: was nicely balanced in taste and yummy. Aloo Mutter Sandwich: this too was nice, but if you don’t love sweet than avoid ordering it. Italian Pizza: was a perfect pizza made for a gujarati, crispy toasted base with little sweet gravy and veggies topped with lots of processed cheese. Cheese Chutney Grilled Sandwich: This was the one that made us wait for an hour, and when it finally came into our hands, ohh maaa soooo much of mozzarella and processed cheese ... we were not able to complete the whole. Veg. Hot dog: This was nice with crispy tikki type inside it and topped with some cheese. So overall the experience was great... would recommend this place.. Must Haves: Fry Dabeli, Veg. Cheese Hot Dog...!!


Rated 1.0 by Para Bak

I was recommended this Sandwitch Outlet and visited yesterday on a Sunday evening with my wife., There was total chaos., No proper ordering procedure and poor people were stacked up even to handover the order slip., The sufferers were Females who had great difficulty in making their way to the serving counter., I had ordered an Aloo mutter grilled sandwitch and I regretted my decision as soon as I saw the sheer apathy shown by the people handling the orders., I waited patiently for 20-25 minutes and finally asked them to give my money back, which they did as if they were relieved to let me go., Absolutely no concern for the poor customers., This happens when people make such joints famous and then the owners take the customers for granted., You pay money and get no service., Never would I recommend such a place to anyone, for sure., Parag Baxi

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Mansi Kothari

Since childhood used to eat from ANAND. A renowned name in ankur, Naranpura.  There sandwiches are popular. I have almost tasted every item in their menu. 3 in one i like the most. Dabeli is also good.  Overall: Tasty. Tasty. Tasty.