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Gurukul Road, Mem Nagar
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Anand Reviews and Ratings - Mem Nagar, Ahmedabad

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Saddie Fedora

Plenty of choices are here and the sandwich was deliver very quickly. Cheese grilled sandwich was one the best and too yummy. Will surely visit again very soon! Thank you 😊


Rated 3.0 by Khayali Shah

A snacks bar serving what it should serve and doing its job perfectly. A perfect place for a quick snack stop. The service is quick (self service concept for the win). I love the sandwiches, pizza and the dabeli here. The sandwich breads could be a little less thicker though! The hygiene could be better.


Rated 4.0 by The Travelling Palate

So sandwich is my all time favorite food. So after searching for places where I can get the best sandwiches I ended up going to Anand. The shop is always crowded even on week days. Service and staff (9/10) Food quality (9/10) Hygiene (8/10) Totally worth the price and portions are huge. So I ended up ordering -- 1) Dabeli the taste was good. But it wasn't much spicy. The portion of Dabeli is huge. So two people need to share it if you want to order something else. Just a suggestion tell him not to add ketchup in the plate as it spoils the taste of Dabeli. The Dabeli tasted good over all (8/10) 2)Europa Club Sandwich Dam this was the best thing I had in a while. It was loaded with cheese and the filling tasted perfect. The sandwich was grilled to perfection and the thickness of the bread is amazing for this kind of sandwich. The sandwich was so filling and couldn't finish it alone. You definitely need a company to eat it. This sandwich was made perfectly and tasted so good. Definitely (10/10) 3) Pani puri I wasnt up for pani puri as I was full already but the water looked chill in the big bowl and it was hygiene so decided to give it a try. The pani puri also tasted good and he made it spicy when I asked him. If there is some space left then you must definitely have the pani puri as the water is so chilled it just melts in your mouth. (9/10) Wpuld recommend this place to all if you want to try sandwiches and basic junk food. They do one of the best sandwiches for sure 😍


Rated 4.0 by Munjal Kapadia

This place is my second choice when I want to eat typical desi Italian pizza the first obviously being jashuben... the gravy they use is spicy n it's generously topped with cheese n by generous I mean A LOT... It's almost like a double cheese pizza... Sandwiches are famous too but I haven't tried them yet...


Rated 2.0 by Yash Patel

Unfortunately had to visit this place as evergreen Neelam was out of stock. Ordered Aloo Mutter and Cheese Chutney. Aloo Mutter was okayish, but cheese chutney was disaster. I'm a die hard fan of Neelam's cheese chutney and it was utter disappointment at this place.