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Ambika Dalvada Centre

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Ambika Dalvada Centre Reviews and Ratings - Navrangpura, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Adityabalia37

It is a very nice place and its ambience is Also nice it is a fantastic place for dalwada lovers they prepare hot dalwadas and serve you its batter is also available to take home it is very yummy and authentic must try


Rated 5.0 by Dhaval Shah

Its available at Anandnagar Road too, Opp Shivalik Bunglows..... Same Old Taste, Shatilal (Owner)😋😋 Served Hot with Onions & Pickles... I used to eat it since my School time (It's been 35 years now) as there first Laari was adjoining to our School Wall on Commerce Collage Circle.... Perfectly Maintained Hygiene with Quality Daalwada....!!! Always Yummy!!!


Rated 3.0 by The Flavor Chaser

This comes highly recommended from anyone who pens down a list of places to eat in Ahmedabad. Ambika is hidden away in a little lane - almost blink and miss. I didn’t find the owner to be very enthusiastic to serve piping hot Vadas. We were lucky to find some which were recently hot and were served with the chutney. They are great but not something you will never find in any other part of the country. So go there to get the feel of the town, but don’t expect the world.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nikita Maheshwari

I absolutely absolutely love the dalvadas served by this place! During my 7-8 mnths stay in Ahmedabad I have the best lip smacking dish here and even today I longg for it!


Rated 4.0 by Biting Bowl

The best time to relish Dalwada is during rains. . and we did it today . Enjoyed Crispy, Hot dalwada - Ahmedabad's Signature Snack...   Ambika Dalwada is one of the oldest and famous dalvada joint in Ahmedabad. They make dalwada from quality ingredients and oils.  They only use Ground Nut oil for frying and do not use burnt oil which gives fresh taste than others. Must visit this place whenever you happen to visit Ahmedabad. Also nice place to discuss over gulping dalvada with friends.   (Mung Dal) are soaked overnight, de-skinned, and ground to a rough paste and mixed with green chillies. The paste is shaped into balls and deep-fried. It has crispy skin & fluffly Centre.  Vada is known as bara (vada) and mungaura in Bihar & UP and Vadai in Tamilnadu. Indian vada is near to the recipe of Falafal ( Mediterian preparation with chickpeas) & Hushpuppy of South America. Every Region has its own version of Vada for e.g. Mendu Vada is made from Urad Dal (black gram), Masala Vada or amai wada from toor dal, Maddur Vada from Onion, Rava Vada from Semolina, Sabudana vada from Sago, Kerai vada from Spinach and Bhajani cha vada: a vada made from a flour made from bajri, jawar, wheat, rice, channa dal, cumin, coriander seeds etc- a Nutritious vada of Maharashtra.