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All Day Dining - Caspia Hotel Ahmedabad

nb 4.3 / 5
SG Highway, Chanakyapuri

Phone no. - +91 79 40005000


Cost for two - 1,550


Continental, Mughlai, North Indian

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All Day Dining - Caspia Hotel Ahmedabad Reviews and Ratings - Chanakyapuri, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by OMKAR TRIVEDI

It was amazing food and treatment by Rakesh Kumar, Vikas, Amit Das. Food quality is awesome, interactive games is like amazing, it's a great place for Sunday brunch and for family time


Rated 2.5 by Chandrasekhar Malkan

Reached restaurant at 10 PM on 1st July. We decided to go for buffet. We were asked to have the buffet within an hour as they said that it will be closed at 11 PM strictly. We though they might be very punctual and we agreed. We completed eating and then decided to sit for some more time to talk @and chat. At 11:30 a family shows up and were allowed to have buffet till 12. This is highly unprofessional and unacceptable. There was no response by the managers when we asked about the timings again. Not a very pleasant experience. The food was average and was made in small quantity. Hence, wait for your portions till it arrives.


Rated 2.0 by Abhijit Pandey

'Bland and unadventurous dishes' - This is the most apt line for this restaurant. I went there alongwith my friend to have a buffet dinner meal. Sadly I was totally disappointed with the dishes which were there in the buffet. The starters, mocktails and even the main course served were worthless. Only their selection of desserts were good. Not to forget, a guy named Santosh is very very responsive towards attending customers. 5 stars to him. Keep up the good work Santosh. This place is not recommended at all. Service: 5/5 Ambiance: 3/5 Food: 1/5 Value for money: 0/5


Rated 4.0 by Lionel

The starters comprised of fried chicken in soy sauce which had a very pungent aroma, I'm not really certain what made the pungency so prominent, second came in the regular chicken tikka which was decent, the lemon coriander soup and the tomato chicken soup were both ordinary. The vegetarian starters had paneer which was infact the best starter amongst all. The meat salads actually gave me a feeling that i started eating some interesting and tasty stuff. Pork sausages and pepper salad, the smoked aroma tasted great, the roasted lamb salad could've been perfect if the lamb was just a little more tender. The chicken salami lettuce was really nice, the fish in lemon orange dressing was ok. The main course for me started wirh braised chicken, really nice flavor, the chicken could have been more tender. Next was the fish in tomato basil sauce, the aroma was strong, the fish completely absorbed the two flavors it was nice. I don't have the snap of the mutton because i was too engrossed in eating by now, it was delicious and tender, went well with the butter naan. For the desserts i started with the gulab jamun, followed by chocolate cake, then the banana flavored cake, all the sweets were good. The ambience and service is great, the restaurant manager Amit Das was friendly and helpful and also our server Virendra was a really nice guy.


Rated 4.0 by Purvi Kotak

Have been to this place for few times and have always enjoyed their amazing, strong, special Masala Tea and fresh home made cookies with some twist every time.

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