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Agashiye - The House of MG

nb 4.3 / 5

Phone no. - +91 79 25506946, +91 9909970134


Cost for two - 1,350



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Agashiye - The House of MG Reviews and Ratings - Bhadra, Ahmedabad


Rated 5.0 by Jahanvee Trivedi

Authentic Gujarati thali served in traditional way. Beautiful decore find something unique and traditional...warm welcoming by staff. Various varieties of food. Food 4/5 Service 5/5 Ambience 5/5 👍


Rated 1.0 by Gaurangi

This was our first visit to Ahmedabad, and as zomato's rating suggests as high as 4.5 we decided to have lunch at this overhyped place agashiye. When we entered at this place, there was a person at the desk who suggested to take one type of thali for the whole group. That was a bit rude but we somehow took the silver thali, hoping that may be the food experience will be good. Sadly it happened exactly the opposite. These are the food items which were extremely bad in respect of quality and taste: 1. Salad: a corn cucumber peanut salad (cut into pieces) worst salad for a thali I have ever eaten 2. Starters: methi dhokla - very tight, could really eat it; samosa - boiled aloo inside was pathetic, plain dhokla - really bad (disappointing dhokla being the soul of gujrat tasted so bad at your place) 3. Mains: oh my god there was no taste in your sabzis, I understand sweetness but I don't understand tasteless. Baingan ki sabzi, aloo ki sabzi, bhindi - each of these mains lacked salt and taste in its whole way. 4. Breads: breads and the chai were the only good thing about the meal ...we actually filled our stomach eating just the rotis. 5. Dessert: that chocolate mouse was first of all supposed to be a chocolate pudding, but they called it a mouse. It was as bad as the salad starter and the mains. The mouse was solid as a rock and we couldn't really have it. 6. Mukhaas: what was that? Those choorans has moisture in it and so it couldn't come out of the bottle. You guys charge Rs. 1500 plus GST for a thali, and what you offer in respect of the food quality are wet choorans and tasteless food. I will not recommend this place to anyone. It is highly overrated and not at all cost effective. The food here is not worth your pocket. The stewards ( people of serve food) there are the only reason why this restaurant is still going on. Otherwise it does not stand of any repute. They are the soul of this place, no doubt about that.


Rated 5.0 by Jayant Dalmia (PuchkaToPizza)

The traditional thali served in a royal fine-dine setting! Located in a boutique hotel of sorts, Agashiye offers two thali variants, the more expensive one being in silverware with a couple of extra appetisers and sweets thrown in (If I remember correctly). We obviously opted for the more reasonable option which came in brass. The appetisers – dhokla and batata vada – were served in a separate small plate instead of the usual way in which the server just serves it on the main plate. I thought that I didn’t want to stuff up on the starters so I thought I’d take one piece of each and return the rest. Just holding the batata vada made me realise it was something else. The batter coating was excessively cottony. One bite and I was like, I can just fill myself with it! The dhokla was quite good as well. The main thali consisted of the usual suspects – a few sabjis, dal, kadhi and a special creation called palak jamun – a spinach preparation with mini gulab jamuns thrown in – quite innovative! Phulkas, parathas, rice and khichdi were there to soak up all the goodness. There were ample chutneys, pickles and papads to accompany the main dishes. Mohanthal and anjeer basundi were winners in the sweets department, very rich though. The servers were prompt and even took the pain to tell about the dishes. The pricing is a bit on the high end compared to all other thali places but this is an experience in itself.


Rated 5.0 by CEO

We had our corporate party hosted by one Japanese company and about 180 people were there. Real Gujarati Food served in very authentic way and taste was too good too. Ambience is super cool.


Rated 5.0 by Upasana Biswas || The_yummylife

So if you are new to Gujarat and wana have a taste of the authentic Gujarati food then this is surely the place where you should be. Located in the heart of Ahmedabad, The House of MG also known as "Mangal Das ni Haveli" is magnificently decorated with beautiful pieces of art and handcraft. As you enter you'll get this amazing smell of roses and as you go upstairs you'll find the terrace restaurant. The staff is very courteous and they serve the Thali of the day, the menu of which changes everyday. Coming to the food, the Thali is obviously purely vegetarian and it starts with pakoris for starters, goes upto roti, rice, khichdi, daal, sabzi, papad in the main course and ends with chutney, sharbat and sweets. Together, the meal will leave absolutely no space left in your stomach such that all you will want to do is just go back and sleep. P.S.: I am a pure Non Vegetarian Bengali, but I must say, the sumptuous meal that I was served at Agashiye has surely blown up my mind. Each and every person who visits Gujarat MUST MUST give this place a visit at least once to experience the real taste of Gujarat.

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