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The Coffee Shop - Hotel Clarks Shiraz

Idgah Colony
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The Coffee Shop - Hotel Clarks Shiraz Reviews and Ratings - Idgah Colony, Agra


Rated 1.0 by Suresh Chandra

This was my second visit to the place. I restrained myself the first time to write a review hoping my impression would change in a subsequent visit. But alas, things don't seem to get better here. The place, the staff and the food menu are vintage, archaic, tasteless and more akin to a govt mess. The serving staff are old, bulky and slow. The food is trashy, tasteless and insipid. Ordered a pizza, expecting a fresh dough pizza, but got a standard roadside bakery pizza base with some toppings and could not believe my eye 'burnt cheese'. The french soup a 'burnt slice of bread'. The food was unpalatable. You can't call this a 5 five star coffee shop! Best avoided. Some photographs attached to prove the point!!!


Rated 2.0 by Ripudaman Gaba

Mess in one word. Garish interiors, impractical layout. Food trashy. Had breakfast 2 days in a row. Both quality and variety of food left lot to be desired. Huge disappointment.


Rated 3.0 by Sonali Kohli Mehra

coffee shop which is simple and nice- the good stuff was the dessert and the chinese food...what didn't appeal so much was the pasta. So the regulars of chinese- haka noodles and chicken burnt garlic was YUMMMM. The pasta -spaghetti with Lamb was not so appealing though..was a bit flat! The apple strudel was incredible and we ate it each day! A bit on the higher side in terms of cost though!