Sheroes' Hangout

Taj Ganj

Phone no. - +91 562 4000401, +91 7533083502


Chinese, North Indian

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Sheroes' Hangout, Taj Ganj, Agra

About Sheroes' Hangout

This is an organisation that has started a campaign to STOP acid attacks on individuals - mainly Women. This is an activism workshop where they strive to empower women through workshops, community radio programs, etc to help all their victims lead normal lives and to get equal opportunities in society. Sheroe's Hango...


Chinese, North Indian


Opposite The Gateway Hotel, Taj View Chowraha, Fatehabad Road, Impeypura, Taj Ganj, Agra

Phone no.

+91 562 4000401, +91 7533083502

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  • Serves - Pure Veg

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10 AM - 9 PM


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Sheroes' Hangout Reviews


Rated 4.0 by Chitraarth Bhardwaj | Chatora Banda

First of all, this place is not regularly run staff. This is a cafe run by acid attack victims or should I say " uncontrollable ego survivors/winners" with help of an NGO. Anyways, after a looong riding day directly headed there and noticed local MP was signing them off some help. O yeah! One thing I forgot to tell..that remains with you right entry to a long lasting time: POWER AND POSITIVE VIBES. These guys are not here for business or competition but for pure humanhood. You just imagine how much they prefer their customers when just for a minor understanding in order(the order was looong),head manager asked us and called the staff who took order and face us,she came apologized for negligible misunderstanding. So, let's see what they got..umm..hey where are the prices?no money? Oh..they don't have it! You are allowed to pay as much,isn't it wayyy more better than begging and cursing rest of life?a slap in the face of **********! The paneer pakora, nuggets, sandwich, cutlets were good not great. Fresh lime was better and the best.. chocolate shake which, although tasted something less like chocolate but was great in taste. Good people, novels to read, goodies to buy -medium number of seating, careful about relatively old but maintained furniture and little parking space,that too for two wheeler only. Overall ratings: Location:4(if you know the neighborhood,else 3.5) Ambiance:4.5 Service:4 Food:3.5 Expectations met: Yes

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