Casual Dining

Satkar Restaurant

New Agra Colony

Phone no. - 0562 2852993


Cost for two - 750


North Indian

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Satkar Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - New Agra Colony, Agra

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Tanya Chaturvedi

One of the oldest bakeries in the city.We remember going to the small outlet on saint johns and buying pastries from there.they used to make the best cakes and pastries in city at that time.But, now the quality has reduced a bit.With increases competition, they are lagging behind but still are good at what they offer. The cakes basing their speciality. A rating of 3-3.5 is all this place deserved.


Rated 2.0 by Diipesh Keshri

Old,dusty and not so well maintained. Looks like restaurant from ancestors days!!! Food is above average taste. On the roadside-easy to find.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Devanshu Srivastava [Part Of Almighty]

Satkar is a decent restaurant, which serves good food. The food here is tasty and the service is slow. Surprisingly, they don't have anything ready to serve till almost noon. The ambience is decent and the staff behavior is too good. They don't mind if you sit there for a long time to wait for someone without ordering. Visit this restaurant for North Indian cuisine. Divya Devanshu


Rated 3.0 by Vineet Basantani

This BAKERY is good to buy ready-made cakes from. Yeah, the restaurant is there too, upstairs, but it's good to ignore it, unless you've run out of petrol and can't go to Sanjay place to Panchratan or something. If you visit the restaurant, be prepared to confuse yourself with the veg and the non-veg dishes, because there's barely any lighting. Yet, there's one dish that this place has made me fall in love with. That's veg. manchurian. And at this place, it's probably the best one that I've eaten compared to those that I've had in the most posh restaurants in the most posh localities of metro cities.  They'll serve you when your pangs of hunger are over and your stomach is preparing itself for a fast. They probably buy the potatoes from sabzi mandi when the customers drop in.

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