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Panchratan Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Civil Lines, Agra


Rated 2.5 by Ujjawal Jain

Again, one of the oldest restaurant I know in Agra. The food is basically meant for the religious people of Brahmin, Jain, Agarwal community who believe in Ahimsa and living on Sattvic diet. By Sattvic diet, simply there is no addition of onion and garlic in the meal. And making Mughlai/Punjabi cuisine without these is fairly quite difficult for many of the cooks. Hence for the taste the cooks there make the food very rich by using a lot of dairy products like real desi ghee, khoya, butter, and cream. The food is very different from others due to its richness with the hint of ginger and asafoetida. Having meal will be high calorific value and I strictly not recommended for the people with high cholesterol or having obesity. You can try the food once in a while but not regular basis due to its unhealthiness. Some staff members work like they don't get any payment or have no fear of losing their job. The  price is bit overpriced and the quantity per dish is more for 2-3 people. Best recommendation: Dal Makhani, Pindi Chole, Malai Kofta, Mix Veg, and Stuffed Naan.


Rated 4.0 by Vishal Gupta

Food is without onion and garlic but it taste delicious. Only one problem that is good contain lot of ghee and butter, health conscious people might avoid


Rated 4.0 by Drishtirizi

The food is just wow. One should try their navratan curry. Best place for vegetarians. Good place for family dinners . Staff is friendly. They serve food in time

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Shashank Mahajan

I got the food delivered to my house. Look wise it seemed good. It tasted bad, too heavy and what not. i can say that it was the worst food I've ever had in Agra. Richness is one thing, but making the food so rich in ghee that's too much, even with that if the food doesn't taste good, then what's the use. Horrible experience.  I just read the reviews for suggestions about what i should order. Malai Kofta- recommended by most. I don't know why it was suggested in the first place. It was disgusting. Paneer Butter Masala- paneer was soft. It was the only good part about the dish. I could only taste ghee/khoya. Chana Masala- The only good dish. Not winning by such a great margin though. Stuffed naan- i get better in my house. Butter Naan- alright when you get food delivered, breads are supposed too get dry with time. But this much dry. I get food delivered to home all the time, but the naan don't become that much chewey in such little time. Plain naan- sam story with these too. The deliver itself took over an hour notwithstanding the fact that my house is not even a kilometre far.The food is truly over-priced! I mean too much over-priced for such disastrous food. Altogether it was one depressing experience. I'm not going to order food from this pale ever again, even if its the last one. I won't suggest it to anyone.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Somya Goyal

If you want to have jain food i.e., Without onion then you might like this place....bad experience...can have better food at home instead...