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Merry Go Round Reviews and Ratings - Taj Ganj, Agra


Rated 3.0 by Pooja Mistry

Been to this place almost after 5-6 years. Taste has dropped down to a steep level. Though the Non-vegetarian platter was pretty tasty and Smoky. Rice tossed in olive oil and Italian herbs & Rosemary missed major flavors of herbs. I could only taste the olive oil. Roti with Mutton Rogan Josh is because of which review took the sad turn. The mutton and gravy didn't merge together at all. Moreso the taste was absent. Probably the spices weren't added at the right temperature, no spices worked. Plus the mutton wasn't fresh I believe, could feel the stale taste at the end of my bite. Ambience & service thumbs up :) The Merry go round is super funnnn.. But they need to buck up with the taste on a serious note! Value for money: ok ish for a fancy area !


Rated 2.5 by Wine Not? 🍷

Average service with mediocre food. The menu has a lot to offer, but none of it is worth appreciating. The Vegetarian section is nearly tasteless and the Non-Vegetarian section is too spicy. They really need to improve and work on adding some flavor to their dishes.


Rated 2.0 by Anuj Jain

I have been to this resturant and was excited too much when went there , because of rumours in city that this is the only resturant in city which rotates as the name also says "merry Go round " but got disappointed alot . So , first of all when i entred there was no lift facility for the customers so by the time i reached the resturant i felt like i have done my cardio session as it is on 4th floor(hope they get lift soon ) . Secondly , i entered i liked the place because the resturant was rotating , sitting was fine but as it was a weekend so after half an hour it got conjusted due to rush . So for ambiance on the scale of 5 ill give 3 .then the hospitality of the resturant was also average Finally , ill talk about the main thing of the resturant i.e. food , yes offcourse we all go to resturant for food. The food was not good at all. The taste of dal and kadai paneer was not good at all. All the dish we ordered were tasteless because of less spices or flavours in dishes . So on scale of 5 ill give 2 for food . P.S. coming down from resturant i felt hungry again.


Rated 2.0 by Arjita

Visited this place the second time.. The ambiance is good.. But the Food is reely bad.. Ordered Paneer Tikka Masala, Chicken tari wala and kadhai chicken.. everything was bad. . Even the breads were not good.. Lachcha parantha, tandoori roti and butter naan looked same..Nothing tasted good.. At the end ate nothing.. Got everything packed as dog food.. VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE.. You should only visit this if you want to take a feel of the revolving restaurant.. Otherwise not recommendable at all..

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Jasmin Das

Initial thoughts of having dinner on a rotating ground was a big no no. But the experience turned out to be great. It's a veg and non veg restaurant. the paneer Tikka masala along with the mushroom with chick peas is a must try here.both dishes were equally good. Soup ( clear corn broth) good. Ambience is really good here with dimmed lights and ofcourse a rotating that let's you see 360 degrees of Agra. However the service was bad. It took them 35 mins to serve us dinner and 20mins to serve us dessert! Overall good restuarant.