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Laziz Family Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Rakabganj, Agra


Rated 2.0 by Vinay Gill

I had ordered a tandoori Chicken full butter nan and roomali roti. About the food I received afghani chicken and it was too dry no moisture in the chicken at all very disappointing Butter nan was too small almost like the nan size you get in weddings and that too was dry Roomali roti were perfectly soft though small in size again The staff is extremely polite and helpful so 2 stars for just that

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sahiba Firdos

Nai ki mandi in Agra is the place I could not find online but some chatori gali fan bhopalis recommended to look for non veg dishes here. When you look for tasty food, sometimes you have to compromise health. So few words of caution if you are a health freak, "Forget this place". But if you are a  total foodie with no issues of oily food or can compromise sometimes, "Recommended." Coming to food, we ordered: Chicken Kaali Mirch: Oily but tasty, tried it for the first time. Chicken was tender. Not spicy. Dad loved it. Mutton Handi:was served with little grated cheese topped on it and that blended well. This was the dish I had first bite of so I preferred it over Chicken Kali Mirch. Afghani Chicken: Fried Chicken. Tender. Could not get the spices used but it was good. Although I would have preferred tikkas over it. Tandoori Naan: best naan I have ever had. Soft and hot directly out of tandoor. loved that smokey essence. Egg Curry: I had an eggetarian friend with me. I just tasted it. It was good. According to my friend best egg curry she has eaten yet. Lots of Onion, Cucumber and Green Chutney: Sidekicks, Freebies you usually get at such places. Definitely you don't want a review :D Opinion: Worth a try once. Keep aside ambience, cleanliness (place was fine) and service (fast but needs more improvement), try just for taste, for a difference. Next time I visit Agra I am going to visit restaurant at RHS.


Rated 2.0 by Himanshu Kataria

We went for lunch to Laziz after looking at reviews on zomato. The taste of food was strictly average, we ordered a mutton korma which was too salty. Butter chicken was too sweet to our taste. Overall strictly average. Won't recommend it.