Colorbar - Radisson Blu

Taj Ganj

Phone no. - 0562 3055555, +91 8650002611


Cost for two - 3,000


North Indian, Mughlai, Continental

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Colorbar - Radisson Blu Reviews and Ratings - Taj Ganj, Agra

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Vaibhav Aggarwal

While staying at the hotel, what got me here was the lovely look this place has in the evening with all the chairs, glowing in different colours, and also live performances by two singers. This part of the restaurant was really nice. They also advertise a live barbeque alongside their USP. Unfortunately, the place remains a little dead, and the food doesn't live up to the expectations. While I make this comment on the basis of only one dish, I didn't feel like having anything further after that. I tried their Marinated Mushrooms (which had some other name to it). While the pricing is quite decent for a hotel of it's kind, the quantity was quite nearly measly and tastewise also it was quite similar to what one could make at home.


Rated 2.0 by Saurabh Goomber

Very bad service , Very bad singers , And very bad food But the only thing which was good then is the ambience . We r paying so much of money but compare to that 0 marks

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Shubham Jain

Awesome ambience... Loved the snacks...soothing romantic music by the pool side...A must visit place to hangout and have fun...Happening place for night out in Agra...

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Astha Aggarwal

If you come to Agra and you don’t visit ColorBar then it’ll be a big big big mistake and you’ll genuinely miss out on something fabulous. I love when a bartender tries to take an essence of a city and fuse it with the drinks that is what Mr.Amrit at ColorBar did. A bartender himself by profession and having worked for more than 10 years in the industry, in bars both London and Delhi, he understands what goes into making a well fused cocktail. He is currently working as Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at Radisson. ABOUT THE PLACE ColorBar is situated at the deck of Radisson’s pool and is one of a type lit bar. A similar replica could be seen at Radisson Blu Jaipur of this bar. The place looks so beautiful at night and it plays all commercial & house music. There are fooding options from around the world, including Indian, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Caribbean and Mexican cuisines, as a special feature, an open charcoal barbecue with a choice of meats and vegetables is served in the evenings. We requested Mr. Sumit to decide our meal for the night. ABOUT THE DRINKS We were served an array of drinks and each deserves a mention because of its uniqueness. PAAN PETHA BHANDAR A vodka based drink with a mix of betel leaves (paan ka patta) with nuts, petha, gulkand and paan bahar topped with lime juice and sparkling wine. It feels as if instead of eating a paan, you are drinking the paan. It has such beautiful textures that it was an absolute pleasure drinking this one. Each sip made you want to have more! WINERITA Now this drink is quiet a basic drink and the fact that it is a standard drink, the pressure of making this right is quite a lot on the bartender. To my happy surprise, the bartender absolutely nailed this drink! Sauvignon Blanc, vodka, peach lime and juice- such happy poured together in a glass. SMOKE MARY This drink was quiet strong and it would be only enjoyed by those who have a refined palette to enjoy smoky tangy bitter flavors. Vodka based drink with seasoning of star anise topped with mary mix cubes smoked up with hickory smoke. Mary mix cubes is basically bloody mary frozen into cubes. PINA CILANTRO COOLER A cooler which could be my go-to drink on a hot sunny day. Bacardi base topped with fresh pineapple and cilantro, such beautiful fruity flavors, it could simply refresh you on any day! PETHA MOJITO I have saved the best drink for the last. This drink absolutely won me over and was such a happy delight. Not only it had the true essence of Agra but the ideation of it was so original and refreshing. A mojito drink but instead of brown sugar, really juicy pethas mixed with muddled mint leaves. Uff! It was such a happy delight. Absolutely loved this one and would recommend it to everyone. About the Food Since I already had plans for dinner, I did not try a lot of starters but whatever I tried are worth a mention. ColorBar likes to do fusion food and I quiet liked the combinations. First starter that I had was Wasabi Aloo Tikki, I quiet enjoyed this starter with my Winerita, the fruity flavors of WInerita against the fried aloo tikki was such a beautiful combination. I am a big wasabi person, so I wished there was more wasabi with the Aloo tikki but other than that this dish was quiet a successful fusion. The other starter that I tried was a Paneer Puff Rice Roll. This dish absolutely won me over, just a word of advice do not have the puff roll alone, it is not that flavorful. Once you eat the puff roll with the aam chutney which is served on the side, this dish works so beautifully. I just could not stop myself from digging in for more. Absolutely loved the burst of textures!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nandita Gupta

If you're really looking for some jiving music, very upbeat and vibrant ambiance and some mouthwatering delicacies (much different than the usual ones that you'd order on your plate) then you don't even have to think twice or put yourself in the lady Mc'baths delimma to go or not to go.... Drive down to this mood lifting rooftop restaurant with your family/friends to have the best of the town..... This outlet of Radisson is a tapas and barbecue by the poolside and every offering by them is a must try... Infact their beverages are theost unique ones that you'd find in the whole city.... planning a get-together/or throwing a bash is just the most appropriate decision to be here.... And the best part....for young couples with kids....they have a kids room by the side to engage them into their world while you all can enjoy yours....I am smitten by the place.... ☺

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